Romania Accommodation

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Off the Beaten Path

Romania is a fascinating place to visit in Europe. Much of the appeal in visiting Romania lies in its beautiful countryside. While it is quite easy to find comfortable accommodation in the bigger cities in Romania, it may be slightly more challenging if you're hoping to spend time visiting the rural areas. Even so, you should be successful in finding some great places to stay. Consider doing a homestay. If you're visiting a small town, simply show up. If you arrive on the train, you'll likely be met at the train station by a handful of locals hoping to rent you a room. They often speak English, Italian and French and will give you a good deal if you do just a little bit of negotiating. This can be a fun way to visit the country and have a great experience off the beaten path.
Location is Key

You'll find a range of accommodation types and prices throughout Romania. While you will find the most hotels in larger cities, you'll likely get the better prices in rural regions. If you're heading to a large city like Bucharest, definitely plan to make a reservation ahead of time. This is the best way to ensure you get a comfortable room for the best price. If you're heading into the smaller towns, then you can simply show up and find a room. Locals will be eager to rent you a room in their house and this can be a great way to experience the country. You can negotiate the price somewhat. Also ask where their room is before accepting a ride with them. Make sure the home is in a centrally located part of town that is accessible to everything. This will ensure your trip is the best possible experience.
A Diversity of Options

Romania has a wide variety of accommodation types, particularly in the cities. You can find hotels that are of every quality and star rating. You can also find bed and breakfasts throughout the country. Unlike in the rest of Europe where bed and breakfasts offer a more affordable option, in Romania bed and breakfasts are usually a better quality and more expensive option than hotels of a similar star rating. If you're looking for a splurge then a bed and breakfast may be a fun way to go as their amenities are usually quite nice and the rooms are very comfortable.

In rural areas you can usually get a room in the home of a local. This isn't a typical "homestay" but it does give you a little insight into what life is like in Romania. The rooms are highly variable so do check out the accommodation before committing or negotiating a price.

Bucharest has the largest selection of accommodation options in Romania. There are a good number of hostels around, but you'll also find some good, affordable guesthouses and even a few camping areas. At most of the hostels you can get a bed for under ten euros a night. Cheaper hotels will cost slightly more but they'll offer more privacy and a quieter setting. They generally don't have a shared kitchen, which you will find at a hostel.

If you're looking for something a little more comfortable that is slightly more expensive then you'll be pleasantly surprised with the mid-range options around town. While some are located out by the airport, many are right in the middle of the city's business center. Unless you're flying in late or leaving early in the morning, you'll want to stay in the middle of town so that all of the attractions are easily accessible.

Higher end options are abundant as well. They are usually quite nice, but still cost a fraction of what you would expect to pay in Western Europe or the United States. There are some popular western chains around as well including the Hilton, the Howard Johnson Grand Plaza and the Intercontinental, among others. These are always a safe and reliable option if you are looking for a high level of quality.

Located in the famous Transylvania area in Romania, this town is beautiful, historic, and quaint in atmosphere. It's a great place to spend a few nights. There are some great sleeping options available to visitors in the form of apartments, hostels, and hotels. Apartments are a great way to fully experience the town while having access to your own kitchen and living facilities. You'll be able to shop and live like the locals for a few days. There are a good number of hostels around town as well. These are generally your most affordable, but not most luxurious option. Many are located right in the center of the city so you can walk to anything. They often include breakfast in the price of the bed as well which is a nice plus.

Guesthouses and hotels tend to be slightly more expensive, but are still much more affordable than comparable options in Western Europe. You can easily stretch you money a little farther in this part of Romania, and as such, you can often afford to splurge on a slightly nice place to stay. Mid-range and luxury hotels are often an excellent value in this town.