Around the World Trip Costs

How much does an around the world trip actually cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer, and will depend on many factors. (We discussed the factors that can affect a travel budget previously in this guide.) There is no "correct" or final answer for how much it costs to do a long-term trip. However, many people have affirmatively declared that $15,000 (US) is the amount you'll need for a year-long trip. Others have said much less, while some say it's much more. We generally disagree with all of those answers, because there are too many variables.

Ultimately, you'll need to estimate your approximate daily spending, and then do some math (more on that later, though).

As stated earlier, there are too many factors that affect a travel budget. Some of those factors are...

  • Where you visit: some places are more expensive than others
  • Your travel style and the level of luxury you desire
  • The time of year
  • How quickly you travel from place to place
  • Are you taking tours and hiring guides?
  • Do you have children with you?
  • Will you be working while you travel?

Many travelers often get caught up in the "game" of saving money while traveling. Don't fall into this trap. If you plan ahead and know your budget, then you can take advantage of many of the opportunities that will come your way. Don't try to justify every cent you spend. Just focus on enjoying yourself.

Calculating Your Budget

So, how do we figure this out? We've covered this topic already in this guide, so you should review those steps we laid out in the Itinerary Planning section, the Planning a Route article, and the Estimating Travel Costs article.

But, for a recap, here's the summary of how it's done:

  1. Figure out your itinerary and route.
  2. For each place, figure out the average daily cost for you and/or all of your group. (Search by destination here.) Do the math to add it all up.
  3. Add in the cost of transportation. Flights, trains, buses, and other methods of transportation will add up depending on how fast you move and what type you use.
  4. Add more for Visa costs, medical and vaccination expenses, and those other random things you'll need.
  5. Throw an extra 10% to 20% onto the total just to make sure.

Remember that you're going to want to keep things flexible. This is actually the best way to save money, as you'll learn more about your needs and what prices are like along the way in different parts of the world.

Budget Your Trip
Budget Your Trip is all about finding out how much everything costs so that you can travel cheaper and longer. With average daily travel costs that are calculated from the budgets of real travelers, you can find out how much money you need to plan your next adventure. On this website you can also find travel advice, tour information, accommodation reviews, and activity suggestions for thousands of destinations around the world.
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