Traveler's To Do List for a RTW Trip

It's time to get started. You're going to be traveling for a long time, and you've got a lot to do. Here's a handly To Do list to help you get started.

All scheduled times are the amount of time before you leave that you will need to adequately complete the task.

6-9 months Set up a vaccination schedule with your doctor
3-9 months Plan a general route
3-9 months Buy plane tickets to your first destination
3-6 months Get passport and travel visas
1-3 months Plan a more detailed route
1-3 months Give move-out notice for your apartment
1-3 months Acquire items from packing list for trip
2 months Get travel/health insurance
2 months Obtain extra credit cards in case some do not work in various places
1 month Inform bank & credit card companies of your travels
1 month Find a friend or family member that will handle your mail
1 month Set up your bills for online payments
1 month Refill any prescriptions before your health insurance stops
1 month Cancel any unneeded memberships or subscriptions (magazines, gym, cable tv, etc.)
2-4 weeks Quit your job
1-3 weeks Move furniture and belongings into storage
2 weeks Notify post office about change of address
2 weeks Start packing your bag!
1 week Leave copies of your passport, insurance, and other documents with family/friend
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