For people who have never set foot onto this incredible continent, Australia’s “expensive” reputation precedes it. It’s no wonder that the world stutters at the very mention of their incredibly high standards of living, as well as their incredibly pricey offers, from foodie spots, to cultural events which are renowned worldwide. However, what friendly Aussies value the most are by far the least expensive and free of charge experiences life has to offer.

image 1 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget
Sydney Harbour

Considering their spirit, hospitality, and highly-developed systems, there are plenty of ways you can visit and explore this dreamy place. Whether you’d like to check out their untamed nature spots, or you’d prefer an urban environment with lots of hustle and bustle to keep you busy – Australia has it all. Now it’s up to you to find out which would be the best possible way for you to travel to some of its most precious spots and discover the beauty of this country for yourself!

Digital nomad-ing

In case you already have an online gig, and some experience traveling while working on various projects, then going to Australia while maintaining your digital income shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you can find affordable accommodation options, which means the suburbs of major cities such as Sydney, and perhaps shared accommodation with a roommate, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay while you work.

image 2 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget

Some of the most popular online jobs you can take up and work from abroad include teaching languages (especially English) online, content creation, managing your own travel blog, and programing. All of these jobs tend to be lucrative, and you can create a schedule that will not be affected by the time-zone. What’s more, you’ll have so much time on your hands to sight-see and visit local festivities and events!

Work and travel programs

image 3 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a BudgetOn the other hand, if you’d prefer a more immersed experience that will give you the chance to meet and bond with the locals, and perhaps master some new skills, then work and travel programs might be the best option for you! Most of these programs don’t require any special experience prior to your application, and since you’ll apply via an agency, you’ll also be able to ask for help in terms of finding the best spots to stay, eat, and explore in your free time.

There are many jobs you can consider depending on your skills. If you like working with people, you’re friendly and communicative, then the hospitality industry is a great choice. In case you prefer hands-on, physically demanding jobs, Australia has plenty of farms that welcome guests from all over the world, so fruit-picking and work with cattle are also on the menu!

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Continue your education

image 4 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a BudgetAustralia is considered as one of the top global destinations for students, for many reasons. The high level of safety, an incredibly vibrant, multicultural environment, pristine nature, and revered universities all create the ideal learning atmosphere. That is precisely why so many students flock Down Under every year, in the pursuit of their higher education, and perhaps even a chance to work after they graduate.

In case you’d be interested in such an option, you can easily experience the urban lifestyle of cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane by signing up for some of their exquisite student exchange programs. That also comes with other perks for your budget, as you’ll be able to find student accommodation in Brisbane and other cities, and apply for various discounts for public transportation as well as cultural events. The student visa also allows you to work 40 hours per fortnight when classes and exams are in session, and you can work as much as you like during breaks – that will help you cover your costs to a great extent!

Pay it forward Down Under

If there is a cause that particularly resonates with your values, Australia surely offers many great opportunities for volunteering and making a difference while on the go. This is especially prominent in the rural parts of the country, where you can take part in numerous environmental movements, animal care, and cleaning projects to preserve Australia’s unparalleled natural wealth.

image 5 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget

Then again, you can stay in urban spots such as Cairns, if you’d like to take part in the Great Barrier Reef conservation efforts and help save the local marine life. Animal lovers will love the chance to work with koala bears, saving turtles, and similar projects that will get you up-close and personal with the local wildlife. You’ll have the chance to learn so much about their unique flora and fauna, master new skills such as diving, and not to mention the cities and natural spots you’ll be able to see.

Do your homework

No matter if you’d prefer to travel as a digital nomad, study abroad, or do some volunteer work, you should make sure that you have everything you need in terms of paperwork (such as visa, health insurance, and various permits). That way, you’ll be able to see what sort of budget you’ll have at your disposal, how much you’ll be allowed to work, and the best spots to look for accommodation.

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image 6 Work, Study or Volunteer - How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget

Australia truly has something for everyone, and wherever the journey may take you, you’ll go back home with a backpack filled with memories, and eager to go back for yet another adventure Down Under!