Want to escape the soulless and vapid abyss that is the workplace? Everyone needs to get out at some point. After all, the world has plenty of things to offer your weary soul. 

For many, traveling offers both an adventure and a stress-relieving experience. Whether you’re managing an online business or working as a freelancer, the weight of your everyday stress will wear you down. But traveling can be costly. If you want to get away, but don’t want to break the bank, you might want to consider booking a flight to on of the best vacation destinations — budget-friendly, of course — for this year.

Budapest, Hungary

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Looking to set foot in Europe for the first time? Think outside the box and look for an authentic Eastern European experience. Sure enough, Hungary’s capital city will certainly leave you hungry (pun intended) for more. With exquisite architecture as a defining feature of the city, Budapest has to be the best (if not most budget-friendly) place to relive your favorite fairytale scenes. Be sure to visit Buda Castle as well as the Fisherman’s Bastion to know what it feels like to live like a Magyar. There are also other affordable activities you can relish in, such as going bar-hopping.

Koloa, Hawaii

Craving a visit to the tropics? Want to go where it’s warm and achieve the perfect tan? Then there’s no better place to enjoy a healthy dose of sun, sand, and surf than the Aloha State. Hawaii has to be every American’s ideal vacation retreat. But going beyond the usual island and beach destinations in Maui, you’ll likely enjoy a visit to Koloa in Kauai. Even though Koloa is one of the most expensive places for tourists in Hawaii, you can still find budget-friendly deals there. Places like the Koloa Landing Resort offer numerous opportunities to unwind and enjoy everything that these islands have to offer at a great value. While you’re there, head over to the Kauai Coffee Company and get a taste of authentic Hawaiian coffee.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Colon Theater, Buenos Aires

Going south for a much-needed rest? Buenos Aires has to be the perfect destination for adventure-seekers of all stripes. It also happens to be a more affordable destination since you can spend anywhere between $40 to $60 a day to marvel at the many sights. Indeed, with intricate architecture and a cozy atmosphere, Buenos Aires is a haven for romantic people. But apart from its rustic and colorful culture, the city is also known for being every foodie’s dream destination, so make sure to grab a bite of the empanadas and take a sip of authentic Argentine wine.  

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Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia doesn’t top many travelers lists, but offers a surprisingly authentic and unique experience. Rich in history and a cultural heritage that’s one of the oldest in the world, Armenia is certainly a place of wonder. Sure enough, the capital city of Yerevan offers an ideal balance between urban lifestyles and natural living as it offers an impressive view of the Caucasus mountains. So, if you’re looking to explore a place that catches your eye with vibrant art and delicious food, you might as well book a ticket to Yerevan today. And for just $20 a day, you can make the most out of your stay. Pro tip: Visit the local marketplaces and take home an authentic Armenian rug. 

Amalfi Coast, Italy

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The Amalfi Coast, Italy

There’s no doubt that the Mediterranean Sea is every romantic’s dream destination. With temperate weather and sought-after beaches, you can find a lot to do in this sun-kissed part of Europe. And while there are countless places to consider, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is truly a one of a kind destination. Known for great seafood and the colorful houses near the beach reminiscent of Santorini in Greece, the Amalfi Coast has become a prime destination, and is among the best winter sun destinations in Europe. If you want a more in depth look at this country, then spend some time on the coast. Plus, it won’t cost you a fortune to stay the night as there are a lot of cheap hotels that provide surprisingly luxurious experiences. If you’re looking to enhance the Mediterranean experience in Italy, pay less, and see more, head to the Amalfi Coast.

South Island, New Zealand

newzealand franzjjosef Top Budget-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Should Visit
Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

More than just Lord of the Rings, New Zealand is also known for offering the best of the natural world. The country itself is known for countless beautiful hiking spots that could awaken the nature-lover within you. But if you really want to immerse yourself in what makes New Zealand a top destination for nature enthusiasts, a visit to South Island should more than suffice. It’s easy to find cheap flights and for the budget conscious, it’s possible to get by on as little as $30 a day. The area is known for its glaciers and wildlife, which you could visit for a minimum fee. The serenity it offers balances out with the extreme activities you can undertake. 

A vacation is definitely something you will need if you feel like you’re burned out. You just have to pick the right places to visit. 

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There are a lot more destinations you might want to put on your list. Time is running out, so make the most out of the remaining months of 2019!