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High Quality, High Prices

Sweden is an expensive country to visit, but it's also surprisingly unique and eclectic. The standard of living is high here, and this becomes apparent with the large number of luxury hotels, fancy bed and breakfasts, and vacation homes in the country side. Sweden is definitely a wonderful country to visit if money is no object, as your options will be limitless. If you are on a budget, you'll have a lot more limitations, but you can still find places enjoyable to stay.

If you're looking for an eclectic experience, there are also hotels that will meet your need. You can find hotels with beds made of ice, tree houses that overlook life below, or prisons that have been converted into a hotel. It's fun to think outside the box and stay at a hotel that you might not find anywhere else.
Some Hidden Deals

Accommodation, like everything else in Sweden, is quite expensive. You will find no shortage of expensive, four star hotels in Sweden. Despite the prevalence of expensive hotels, it is still possible to find budget options in Sweden. There are hostels throughout the country, particularly in Stockholm, which is a popular destination for backpackers. Outside of the cities you'll find no shortage of camping options. If you're not the camping type, and you're not looking for a hostel, there are still a good number of modest guesthouses to choose from. Prices on accommodation also drop dramatically outside of the peak summer months, so consider traveling during the shoulder or off seasons. The weather may be unpleasant, but sights will be less crowded and you'll save yourself a good amount of money.
A Variety of Options

You can find any number of accommodation types in Sweden. There is no shortage of four star hotels, particularly in large cities where business travel is common. In smaller towns there are usually some great guesthouses to choose from, as well as nicer hotels and perhaps a hostel or two. If you're interested in visiting the countryside, camping is a wonderful option. If you're not the camping type, there are usually plenty of cottages and vacation homes available for rent. It really is possible to visit almost anywhere in Sweden in luxury, or on a moderate budget (although true budget accommodation can be difficult to come by).

Part of the fun of staying in Sweden, particularly in Stockholm, is to find a unique place with an interesting character. Whether you choose the "prison" hotel or the tree house, there really is no shortage of interesting architecture and gimmicky hotel types.

If that's not your style, you can also find most western chains that are reliable and comfortable. Prices may be slightly higher than you would expect to pay in the United States.

Stockholm is an expensive city to visit and accommodation is not exception. You'll find plenty of trendy and eclectic options throughout the city. If you're going to pay a lot for a hotel room, you may as well make it somewhere interesting and unique. That's all part of the fun in Stockholm after all. There are some hostels spread throughout the city as well. Many have shared kitchen facilities which is a great amenity as it will dramatically cut down on the cost of eating out. Restaurants are also not cheap in Sweden. Some hostels are louder and dirtier than others so read some reviews so you know that you've found a place with the atmosphere you're looking for.

Mid-range hotels are plentiful, but many foreign travelers might consider their prices to be more appropriate for high end hotel options. You'll find the cheaper options farther from the city center. These are less convenient and you'll likely spend more money on transportation, so you should weigh your options and priorities before you make a reservation.

There are some excellent high end hotels. Many cater to business travelers so you might be able to get a slightly better deal if you're in town on a weekend. This varies from hotel to hotel based on the location and the general clientele of the hotel.

Many of the hostels in this city, and throughout Sweden are members of the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). STF is a member of the International Youth Hostel Federation. If you're a member of this organization you will receive a discounted rate for your room at many hostels around town. If you're going to be in Sweden for any substantial period of time then it is probably worth becoming a member of the association.

There are a good number of hostels to choose from around town. They range in size and style but most offer use of a kitchen, shared bathroom facilities, and a good amount of common area. Another interesting option is to head to the city's Tourist Bureau which is just off of Avenyn. There they can organize a place for you to stay at a private home or a bed and breakfast.

Mid-range hotels are throughout the city as well. Many are quite nice and they offer classy furnishings in upscale parts of town. The more high end hotels choices include several chains such as the Radisson and the Clarion. Both mid-range and high end hotels often have restaurants attached which can serve up a delicious and convenient dinner. At the nicest hotels you will have access to room service and many other amenities.