Seeing the world may mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some may consider seeing museums and experiencing the vibrant cultures of new places adventure enough. However, there are a lot of adventurous souls out there who are looking for something a little more exciting!

One way to experience the world is with a wildlife adventure trip! Whether you go on safari in Kenya, or want to get up close and personal with a kangaroo in the Australian bush, the world is overflowing with wildlife holidays just for you. There are, however, a few things you should and shouldn’t do during your extraordinary nature focused adventure!

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DON’T Ignore Safety

First and foremost, your safety and the safety of others are the most important priority. There are so many rules, as well as certain precautions that need to be taken seriously when you’re on a wildlife holiday. Don’t ignore safety measures laid out for you by your guides, or the people organizing your amazing wildlife holidays.

If you don’t follow the rules and regulations you may not only put yourself at risk, but the wildlife you’ve come to observe as well! If an animal reacts naturally to another creature entering their space, they may not meet a friendly end. All because you wanted a picture just a little closer a lion! Don’t put the animals in danger because you can’t follow safety guidelines!

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DO Practice Conservation!

An incredible aspect of most wildlife vacations is that the majority of tour companies will actually HELP to conserve the habitats of the animals. Not only can you put your holiday time and your money in the hands of those that can help the creatures of the world, but you can also do your part for the conservation of their natural environments while on holiday.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep the wildlife safe and practice conservation:

  • Distance Yourself. Keeping and maintaining an appropriate distance between yourself, and the animals you’ve come to observe will be key. Allow the animals to live undisturbed by your presence. Only book with companies that give back to the wildlife, and don’t try to take over their space!
  • Book for Shelters, or Preservation. Whether you’re booking a safari on a preserve, or going to a wildlife shelter, booking a wildlife adventure that actively supports animals outside of a cage is important. Be conscious of where you are going, and how they treat the animals there.
  • EcoTours. Wildlife tours that keep a safe distance from the animals, don’t disturb the environment, and keep their tours as eco-friendly as possible are becoming more and more popular! Some newer EcoTours also practice more sustainable measures within their lodgings, travel, as well as dining!
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Practicing conservation can start before you even leave your home! Simply by booking with an EcoTour, visiting a wildlife preservation destination, or even making sure your tour will stay a respectful distance from the animals can all make a difference. So if you’re ready to see the majestic Macaws in Peru and maintain their habitat, remember that conservation is extremely important!

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DON’T Participate in Cruel Tourist Attractions

One of the most crucial things to consider when planning a wildlife adventure is how the animals will be treated where you are gone. If the tour you want to take advertises being able to take photos up close and personal with wild animals, or “cuddling” a tiger, or seeing an animal do tricks, then you may want to rethink your travel plans.

Sure, not everywhere that animals are in captivity treat their animals poorly. However, there are a lot of cases around the world where wildlife is not treated well at ALL. Not to mention that you may not even know which animal attractions to avoid in the first place!

Another way you can actively avoid participating in animal cruelty is by not purchasing animal souvenirs. This simply means don’t buy a rabbit fur at the gift shop, or anything made from bone, teeth, feathers, beaks, shells, etc. There are a lot of countries that don’t have strict animal protection laws. They allow for animal attractions to sell bits and pieces that weren’t taken from already dead animals. Stay conscious when purchasing your souvenirs to take home!

DO Book Reputable Tours

Reliable, well-known, and knowledgeably guided wildlife holidays are known for their incredible respect for the animals AND their habitats. Yes, book that African safari honeymoon, but do so with a company that puts your safety, and the safety of the animals and their habitats first!

Reading reviews are a helpful way to find companies and tours that will put the animals before profits. You can also do research into the various individuals who are leading the tours, or who own the touring company. Most reputable guides will have an educational background regarding the animals, or even actively work with local conservation efforts.

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Another way to find a more reputable company for your travel plans is to take a close look at how they are spending your money. That means whether they put funds into local conservation, if they only book in small groups to keep environmental impact low, or even the type of lodging and food that is included! How your money is spent may say a lot about the type of wildlife tour company you could be dealing with.

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DON’T Change the Environment

When it comes to taking a holiday that is focused on wildlife, one thing you need to remember is that the wildlife you see is just as important as respecting the place they are living! All in all, take the possible best care of the habitat that you are visiting.

Here are a few tips to keep the environment as if you were never there:

  • Don’t litter, or create trash
  • Don’t bring your own food
  • Bring sustainable water bottle
  • Stay inside the designated vehicle, or on the walking path
  • Don’t try to interact with the animals.
  • Always follow tour guide instructions

In order to maintain the lives of the magnificent creatures you’ve traveled so far to see, you must be aware that their habitats are incredibly important.

You can also consider purchasing eco-friendly gear to take with you on your nature experience. Whether you pack a reusable water bottle, recycled clothing, or even more environmentally conscious backpacks, it can all help the planet!

DO Have a Wonderful Time

Yes, it is extremely important to maintain your safety, as well as the habitats and safety of the animals. But a major part about booking a wildlife adventure trip is having a once in a lifetime experience! It’s alright to really, and truly enjoy seeing a giraffe up close! It’s ok to watch a Humpback whale jump out of the water right near your boat, and be excited about it!

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The planet is filled with incredible creatures and seeing them in their natural environments is an extraordinary experience you can remember for the rest of your life!

The Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Amazing Wildlife Adventure!

Now that you’re aware of some of the basic do’s and don’ts for a wildlife adventure trip, you can start planning your holiday today! Whether you take an African safari, watch whales in Alaska, or go bird watching in South America, the planet is filled with incredible creatures. Take a wildlife adventure trip to experience more of the incredible things Earth has to offer!