A Travel Price Comparison for Italy Lucca vs. Bellagio for Attractions, Food, Couples, and Nightlife

Should you visit Lucca or Bellagio?

Which is cheaper to visit? Which is more expensive for vacation?

Trying to figure out where to travel next? This travel comparison between Lucca and Bellagio can help. It includes a travel cost comparison in addition to other factors. For many travelers, the cost of a destination is a primary consideration when choosing where to go.


Lucca is a quaint, popular, and historic city. The beauty of this spot is also one of the main reasons why visitors come. And you can't forget about the shopping, museums, and nightlife.


Bellagio is a beautiful, impressive, and glamorous town. As this is a charming small town, visitors also come to explore the sights and local activities. With stunning beauty, it attracts visitors from all around. Other popular activities here include food and shopping.

Lucca and Bellagio: Pros and Cons

  • Popular museums and historical sights
  • Active nightlife
  • Scenic old town
  • Family-friendly
  • Good for couples and romance
  • Good for backpackers and budget travelers
  • Impressive beauty
Things to Consider
  • Public transit not as usable
  • Family-friendly
  • Good for couples and romance
  • Good public transit
  • Small town charm
  • Impressive beauty
Things to Consider
  • Less museums and historical sights
  • Less popular for nightlife
  • Less popular with backpackers

Is there more to do in Lucca or Bellagio?

Tourists will generally find more to do in Lucca. Although Lucca and Bellagio are both popular with visitors, Lucca has more sights, activities, and attractions for travelers. Lucca is more popular for its museums, nightlife, and historical sights, while Bellagio is known for its small town charm. Bellagio is more touristy than Lucca and is known for its luxurious villas, stunning views, and charming boutique lined streets. Lucca is popular for its ancient city walls and its many historic buildings. It is also home to The Guinigi Tower.

How is Lucca different from Bellagio?

Which is Better for a Holiday?

Let's take a look at the differences and similarities between Bellagio and Lucca. Then, you can decide for yourself which place is better for your next trip.

Are the Museums and Historical Sights Better in Lucca or Bellagio?


Lucca is a great destination for its museums and landmarks. However, Bellagio is a town with minimal options for its historical sights.

You'll find a good number of museums and monuments packed into Lucca. There are many interesting historic sights and buildings around this charming town. You can climb to the top of the Guinigi Tower or visit the Roman Amphitheater. Many visitors enjoy walking or biking around the city walls as well. Also make sure you visit the cathedral.

While most people don't head to Bellagio specifically for the museums and attractions, it does offer a few options. The town's atmosphere and views are what attract the tourists, but if you're looking for historical sights, check out the Basilica of San Giacomo.

Is the Food Better in Lucca or Bellagio? Which Destination has the Best Restaurants?


Dining out at restaurants in both Lucca and Bellagio can be an enjoyable experience.

Dining out in Lucca is an experience not to be missed. There are many great Tuscan restaurants inside the city walls. Perhaps the most popular local dish is tordelli Lucchesi. Its a meat filled pasta that has a beef ragu sauce. There are also other Tuscan recipes that include steak, boar, or rabbit.

The food selection at local restaurants is excellent in Bellagio. You'll find many fine dining restaurants that offer a luxurious atmosphere and well crafted dishes. There are also Michelin starred restaurants in town which offer a unique, world-class experience.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for Nightlife?


Lucca is a city with good options for nightlife and partying. However, Bellagio is a town with minimal options for its evening party scene.

Lucca has an active nightlife scene for those who seek it out. The nightlife scene is most lively during the spring and summer months when tourists crowd into the city. For the highest concentration of bars, clubs, and lounges, head to Piazza Amfiteatro, Piazza San Michele and Via Fillungo.

Bellagio doesn't have the most active nightlife scene. The town is filled with opulence and luxury, and the nightlife is no exception. Sip cocktails and fine wine while you listen to music or take in the atmosphere.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for its Old Town?


Lucca is an unbeatable place for its old town. However, Bellagio does not have a historic old town.

With a famous historical old-town, Lucca offers plenty to see. The historic city is surrounded by city walls, which you can walk around. Within the walls there are cobblestone streets and a charming atmosphere.

Bellagio does not have a historic old town.

Is the Shopping Better in Lucca or Bellagio?


Shopping is a popular activity in both Bellagio and Lucca.

Many visitors go to Lucca to go shopping. The city is filled with a mix of tourist shops and more authentic local vendors. If you look hard, you can still find some interesting local items that make for a more unique and personal shopping experience.

Plenty of visitors enjoy shopping while in Bellagio. You'll find traditional shops mixed in with modern stores. There are high end brands and more local specialty markets that are fun to peruse.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for Families?


Both Lucca and Bellagio are good to visit with kids.

You'll find plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Lucca. You can pass through town in a day or two, or stay longer and use it as a base for exploring Tuscany. There are playgrounds for the kids as well as some fun activities like cycling the city walls and climbing towers.

Bellagio offers lots of family activities. The town has a playground, a small train, and a Museum of Navigational Instruments that kids may enjoy. There's also a beach where everyone can take a swim.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for Couples?


Both Lucca and Bellagio are great destinations for a couple's getaway.

Couples visit Lucca frequently as it offers plenty of romantic activities. It's a beautiful city with good restaurants and access to nice countryside. Couples who want to explore Tuscany can use this town as a base to take in much of the region.

Bellagio is a great city if you're traveling as a couple. The town is a favorite on Lake Como, and couples will appreciate its charming atmosphere and beautiful lake front setting. In a few hours you can soak up the character and magic or this beautiful area.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for Backpackers and Budget Travelers?


Lucca is a city with good options for backpackers. However, Bellagio is a town with minimal options for backpackers and budget travelers.

Lucca is a good city to visit for backpackers. While there aren't many traditional hostels around town, guesthouses are usually affordable.

Bellagio is a challenging destination for budget travelers and backpackers due to the higher prices. Many people visit the town as a day trip, as it can easily be explored in a few hours. Backpackers who don't want to pay the high hotel prices can still enjoy the setting without staying the night.

Is Lucca or Bellagio Better for Public Transit? Which Is Easier to Get Around Without a Car?


Bellagio is a town with good options for its public transit. However, Lucca is not particularly known for times when you don't have a car.

You'll find some public transit in Bellagio, but it may not be enough to take you everywhere. There are buses and ferries to town, or you can take a taxi.

Public transit is quite limited in Lucca. There's no public transit within the city so if you can't walk somewhere, you'll want to take a taxi. In general, walking is the best option though.

Is Lucca or Bellagio a more walkable city?


Bellagio is an unbeatable place for its ease of walking around. Also, Lucca is still popular, but not quite as popular for its walkability.

Getting around Bellagio on foot is easy. The town is small and compact with many pedestrian streets that are best explored on foot.

Lucca is very walkable. Much of the city can be explored on foot.

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Should I spend more time in Bellagio or Lucca?

How long in Lucca or Bellagio?

You'll be able to find lots of things to do in Lucca or Bellagio to fill your time. In our opinion, Lucca has more to see and do, so we recommend that you spend more time in Lucca than Bellagio. However, 1-2 days is a good amount of time to spend in either destination.

Families should spend more time in Lucca than Bellagio. Because of the many family-friendly attractions and fun things to do for kids in Lucca, it's a great place to visit with the whole family.

Couples should spend more time in Lucca than Bellagio. You'll find plenty of romantic sights and fun activities in Lucca that are great for a weekend getaway or a longer couple's trip.

Backpackers and budget travelers should spend more time in Lucca than Bellagio if your budget allows for it. With a larger number of budget-friendly sights, good nightlife, and active things to do, anyone traveling on a budget would have a good time in Lucca.

  • How many days in Lucca or Bellagio? Ideal Length of Stay
    Lucca 1-2 
    Bellagio 1-2

One day in Lucca or Bellagio?

The beautiful city of Lucca offers food and shopping. Exploring the old town is a popular activity. With all of its activities, you can easily fill one day here. It will give you the chance to have new experiences.

Even though Bellagio is a small town, it has plenty of activities to choose from. This town offers a variety of activities to choose from. Because of this, one day is usually enough time for a trip here.

A weekend in Lucca or Bellagio?

Lucca is a popular place that is full of things to see and experience. If you have a weekend, this city makes for a great vacation. Make sure you visit the old town while you're here. While some people choose to spend more or less time in Lucca, a weekend is sufficent for most. Take your pick from the many activities offered here.

It's hard to know how much time to spend in Bellagio. For many, it makes a great getaway for a weekend. This would be the perfect place to spend a weekend, as it has just the right amount of activities. The length of your ideal trip is an individual decision.

Five days in Lucca or Bellagio?

Lucca is a popular choice for travelers. Five days is usually plenty of time to spend here with extra days to spare. With this much time, visitors often visit nearby destinations or take day trips. The entire region has so many activities, and you'll want time to do everything.

Bellagio is a fun place to experience. Bellagio is a small town, so it's a great destination if you're short on time. Most people find that five days is more than enough time to see everything.

A week in Lucca or Bellagio?

Lucca is a great place to explore. Visiting the old town is also a must. One week is more than enough time to enjoy everything. Take some day trips to nearby places to fill the extra days. This city offers something for everyone.

Bellagio is a small town, so you can explore the area with less time. Take your pick from the many activities offered here. One week is plenty of time to see everything, even with extra days to spare.

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Which place is cheaper, Bellagio or Lucca?

These are the overall average travel costs for the two destinations.

The average daily cost (per person) in Lucca is €106, while the average daily cost in Bellagio is €222. These costs include accommodation (assuming double occupancy, so the traveler is sharing the room), food, transportation, and entertainment. While every person is different, these costs are an average of past travelers in each destination. What follows is a categorical breakdown of travel costs for Lucca and Bellagio in more detail.

  • Accommodation Hotel or hostel for one person
    Lucca 61
    Bellagio 166
  • Accommodation Typical double-occupancy room
    Lucca 122
    Bellagio 332
Compare Hotels in Lucca and Bellagio

Looking for a hotel in Lucca or Bellagio? Prices vary by location, date, season, and the level of luxury. See below for options and compare which is best for your budget and travel style.

Hotels in Lucca

Hotels in Bellagio

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Our Analysis
We've analyzed the average and typical hotel prices based on guest reviews, star ratings, and hotel amenities here: Lucca Hotel Prices and Bellagio Hotel Prices.

Local Transportation
  • Local Transportation Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
    Lucca 4.29
    Bellagio 9.02

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Lucca

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Lucca:

  • Private Transfer from Lido di Camaiore to Pisa (PSA) Airport: $128
  • Tasting in a Tuscan Vineyard with transfer from Lucca: $88

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Bellagio

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Bellagio:

  • From Bellagio : Private 1-Way Transfer to Malpensa airport: $390

Is it cheaper to fly into Lucca or Bellagio?

Prices for flights to both Bellagio and Lucca change regularly based on dates and travel demand. We suggest you find the best prices for your next trip on Kayak, because you can compare the cost of flights across multiple airlines for your prefered dates.

  • Food Meals for one day
    Lucca 41
    Bellagio 46

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Lucca

Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Lucca.

  • Flavors of Lucca Food Tour with Local Guide: $76
  • Dining Experience at a local's Home in Gaiole in Chianti with Show Cooking: $94
  • Dining Experience at a local's Home in San Miniato with Show Cooking: $94
  • Dining Experience at a local's Home in Pistoia with Show Cooking: $95
  • Lucca Food Tour - Do Eat Better Experience : $101
  • Every Day Cooking Class in Lucca Italy: $106
  • Typical Dining & Cooking Demo at Local's Home in Lucca: $123
  • Traditional-Traditional Cooking Class cuisine course: $125
  • Pasta Cooking Class with a Local Chef: $152
  • Private Cooking Class at a Cesarina's Home in Pistoia: $161
  • Private Cooking Class at a Cesarina's Home in Gaiole in Chianti: $162
  • Cooking Class at a Local's Home: $195

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Bellagio

Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Bellagio.

  • Como Lake: cooking class Italian style in Bellagio: $195
  • Bellagio Food Tour + Villa Melzi: $213
  • Cooking Class with Lunch with the chef: $544

  • Entertainment Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
    Lucca 5.68
    Bellagio -

Tours and Activities in Lucca

Here are a few actual costs in Lucca for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • Private Self-Guided Walking Tour of the Medieval Town of Lucca : $9.99
  • BASIC join a 'must see' walking tour!: $16
  • Renaissance City Walls Walking Tour: $16
  • BASIC guided tour of the historic center: $16
  • Guided City by Night Walking Tour: $16
  • 2-Hour City Center Walking Tour: $16
  • Night Walking Tour in Lucca : $17
  • Discover Lucca’s Secrets on a Guided Walking Tour: $17
  • Self-Guided Tour by Bike: $20
  • join a walking tour small group! Duomo included: $20
  • Self-Guided Tour by Bike with MAP: $20
  • Your Lucca Walking Tour: $20

Tours and Activities in Bellagio

Here are a few actual costs in Bellagio for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • Lake Como Group Boat Tour: $44
  • Lake Como: Villa Melzi Garden Entry Ticket with Ferries: $72
  • Lake Como: Villa Carlotta Entry Tickets with Ferries: $80
  • Lake Como: Small-Group Kayak Tour: $95
  • From Milan: Como & Bellagio Guided Tour & Lake Como Cruise: $108
  • Shared Sunset Boat Tour with Prosecco Aperitif: $120
  • Lake Como: Golden Hour Guided Kayak Tour: $125
  • From Milan: Bellagio & Lake Como Small Group Tour: $130
  • Onno-Ghisallino E-Bike & Road Bike Tour: $133
  • The "Wild Tour" on E-Bike: $148
  • Vintage Wooden Boat Rowing Experience on Lake Como: $191
  • The E-Bike Tasting Tour: $235

  • Alcohol Drinks for one day
    Lucca 13
    Bellagio 19

Sample the Local Flavors in Lucca

Here are a few nightlife and alcohol tours and activities from local tour providers in Lucca:

  • Wine tasting in the historical Cantalici winery: $12
  • Wine Tasting Experience - Tenuta Adamo Winery: $22
  • Guided Winery Tour with Wine Tasting: $27
  • Wine Tasting Guided by the Enologist on the Lucca Hills: $44
  • Wine tasting in Lucca: $45
  • Honest Wines- Wine tasting at Cantina Biagiotti: $50
  • Wine tasting in the Lucca countryside with sommelier: $67
  • Wine Tasting Aperitif at the afternoon on the vineyards Small Group from Lucca: $75
  • Tuscany Wine Tours in a family winery Podere Pellicciano: $78
  • Wine tasting with sommelier - The great wines of Tuscany: $78
  • Aperitivo Evening Food and Wine Tour: $82
  • Wine tasting in Versilia with sommelier - 5 wines and local products: $84

Sample the Local Flavors in Bellagio

Also in Bellagio, these are the prices for nightlife and alcohol related activities from various tour providers:

  • Bellagio Wine Tasting + Villa Melzi: $142

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Lucca and Bellagio, we can see that Bellagio is more expensive. And not only is Lucca much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Lucca would let you spend less money overall. Or, you could decide to spend more money in Lucca and be able to afford a more luxurious travel style by staying in nicer hotels, eating at more expensive restaurants, taking tours, and experiencing more activities. The same level of travel in Bellagio would naturally cost you much more money, so you would probably want to keep your budget a little tighter in Bellagio than you might in Lucca.

If you're trying to decide if either of these two destinations are within your price range, also see Is Lucca Expensive? and Is Bellagio Expensive?.

Which is Bigger, Lucca or Bellagio?

Lucca has a larger population, and is about 30 times larger than the population of Bellagio. When comparing the sizes of Lucca and Bellagio, keep in mind that a larger population does not always imply the destination has more attractions or better activities. So, always research the type of place that you want to visit along with the activities and attractions that interest you.

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