A Travel Price Comparison for United States of America Washington vs. Houston for Attractions, Food, Nightlife, and Families

Should you visit Washington or Houston?

Which is cheaper to visit? Which is more expensive for vacation?

Which city is more affordable and which is best for your travel style? If you're trying to figure out where to go next, comparing the travel costs between Washington and Houston can help you decide which place is right for you.


Washington is a active, monument-filled, and international city. Travelers will also find plenty of sights and attractions here, as it's a big city that attracts lots of visitors. The beauty of this spot is also one of the main reasons why visitors come. This destination also has one of those special and quaint feelings. And you can't forget about the museums, theater, and nightlife.


Houston is a sprawling, southern, and one-of-a-kind city. It's an amazing and huge city with tons of activities and things to do. Other reasons to visit include shopping, museums, and nightlife.

How is Washington different from Houston?

Which is Better for a Holiday?

Is Washington or Houston better for Museums and Historical Sights?

Spend time exploring the signts and museum in either Washington or Houston.

Travelers visit Washington from around the world to see its many world-famous attractions. The city has world class museums that are often free. The Smithsonian Museums are arguably some of the most impressive museums in the United States. The city also has a large collection of monuments that are dedicated to past presidents or historical events.

Visitors can fill many days exploring the museums and attractions around Houston. Head to Houston's Museum District to explore 19 different museums in a walkable area.

Is Washington or Houston better for Food?

Foodies will appreciated the dining options available in Washington a bit more than Houston.

Washington has long been recognized as a culinary destination. You can find restaurants from almost any cuisine here, so it's worth exploring and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Visitors will find a budding food scene in Houston. The city is famous for its Texas barbecue, Mexican food, and a wide diversity of other different ethnic foods.

Is Washington or Houston better for Nightlife?

The vibe at night is comparable in Washington and Houston.

Many people head to Washington for the nightlife scene. Head into Dupont Circle, U Street, and even Arlington to enjoy some of the area's best nightlife.

Houston is a popular destination for visitors looking to party into the night. The nightlife is at its best on weekends when bars, dance clubs, and concert halls come to life.

Is Washington or Houston better for Music?

Washington and Houston are both destinations where visitors can find live music.

Music lovers will find a few good venues in Washington. Notable live music venues include the 9:30 Club, the Anthem, and Union Stage.

You don't have to look far to find a unique music venue in Houston. Popular music venues include Fitzgerald's, Walter's Downtown, and The Continental Club.

Is Washington or Houston better for Shopping?

If you're looking to go shopping, Washington and Houston both offer plenty of spots.

Shopping is a popular activity when visiting Washington. Head to Georgetown and Dupont Circle for some of the city's best local shopping.

Houston offers some nice shopping areas. There are a number of upscale malls and shopping centers that have brand names, chain stores, and the occasional local shop where you can pick up items.

Is Washington or Houston better for Families?

You'll find kid-friendly activities in either Washington or Houston.

Washington is a very family-friendly destination. It is a fun and educational destination where kids can explore world class museums and try unique foods from all around the world.

You'll find plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Houston. It is a large city with plenty of things that kids can enjoy including museums, theaters, a zoo, and even the Space Center.

Is Washington or Houston better for Public Transit?

Washington has better public transit to get you around.

With a huge network, the transit system in Washington can get you around easily. The metro system and the bus system are reliable and efficient ways to explore the city.

Public transit is generally limited in Houston. The system includes buses and a limited light rail.

Is Washington or Houston a more walkable city?

Washington is generally more walkable than Houston.

Washington is a very easy city to get around on foot. Many neighborhoods around the city are easy to explore on foot. Most tourists spend a lot of time in the Mall area, which is very pedestrian friendly.

Houston is generally not very walkable. The most walkable neighborhood is the historic Houston Heights.

Washington and Houston: Pros and Cons

  • Popular museums and historical sights
  • Popular for food and cuisine
  • Good music scene
  • Family-friendly
  • Good public transit
  • Very walkable
  • Big city activities
  • Impressive beauty
  • Popular museums and historical sights
  • Good music scene
  • Family-friendly
  • Big city activities
  • Less popular for food
  • Public transit not as usable
  • Less walkable

Should I spend more time in Houston or Washington?

How long in Washington or Houston?

Visitors can find plenty of fun things to do in both Washington and Houston. With generally more activities and things to do, visitors tend to spend more time in Washington than Houston.

The ideal length of time for a trip to Washington is 3-7 days, and the ideal length of time for a trip to Houston is 2-3 days.

  • How many days in Washington or Houston? Ideal Length of Stay
    Washington 3-7 
    Houston 2-3

One day in Washington or Houston?

Because Washington is a large city, there are a variety of ways to spend your time. This city offers something for everyone. One day is usually not enough time for a trip here as there is plenty to do.

With live music and food around the one-of-a-kind city of Houston, there's plenty to do. Anyone can find something fun to do here. But since there are so many activities, you'll likely want to spend more than one day exploring.

A weekend in Washington or Houston?

Because Washington is a large city, there are a variety of ways to spend your time. The length of your trip often depends on your style of travel. Since there is so much to do in the area, a weekend is probably not enough for all of it.

With food and shopping around the big city destination of Houston, there's plenty to do. It offers something for everyone. Many people spend a weekend here. In a weekend, you should have a good grasp of this city.

Five days in Washington or Houston?

Washington is a great place to explore. It is common to spend five days here. Five days is a great amount of time to relax and see the many things that Washington has to offer. Anyone can find something fun to do here.

Houston, a popular city, is full of activities for travelers. Most people find that five days is more than enough time to see everything. Your budget might influence how long you stay.

A week in Washington or Houston?

It's hard to know how much time to spend in Washington. With all of its activities, you can easily fill one week here.

Houston is a popular place that is full of things to see and experience. One week is plenty of time to see everything, even with extra days to spare. It has many unique tourist attractions and fascinating things to do.

Which city is cheaper, Houston or Washington?

These are the overall average travel costs for the two destinations.

The average daily cost (per person) in Washington is $155, while the average daily cost in Houston is $210. These costs include accommodation (assuming double occupancy, so the traveler is sharing the room), food, transportation, and entertainment. While every person is different, these costs are an average of past travelers in each city. What follows is a categorical breakdown of travel costs for Washington and Houston in more detail.

  • Accommodation Hotel or hostel for one person
    Washington $91
    Houston $113
  • Accommodation Typical double-occupancy room
    Washington $182
    Houston $226

Local Transportation
  • Local Transportation Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
    Washington $37
    Houston $58
Typical Local Transportation prices in Washington

Some typical examples of transportation costs in Washington are as follows:

  • Metro Day Pass

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Washington

Also for Washington, here are a few examples of actual transportation services:

  • Airport Transfer to and from Dulles International IAD Airport: $160
  • BWI Airport: Transfer to Baltimore or Washington DC: $200
  • DCA Private 1-Way Transfer from D.C. City Center Hotels: $97
  • DCA to D.C. City Center Hotels: 1-Way Private Transfer: $102
  • Departure Private Transfers : Washington to Dulles Airport IAD in Business Car: $118
  • Departure Private Transfers : Washington to Dulles Airport IAD in Luxury SUV: $154
  • Departure Private Transfers : Washington to Dulles Airport IAD in Luxury Van: $154
  • Departure Private Transfers: Washington to Baltimore Airport BWI in Business Car: $119
  • Departure Private Transfers: Washington to Baltimore Airport BWI in Luxury SUV: $151
  • Departure Private Transfers: Washington to Baltimore Airport BWI in Luxury Van: $159
  • Departure Private Transfers: Washington to National Airport DCA in Business Car: $72
  • Departure Private Transfers: Washington to National Airport DCA in Luxury SUV: $78

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Houston

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Houston:

  • Private Transfer: Houston International Airport (HOU) to Houston: $622
  • Private Transfer: Houston to Houston International Airport (HOU): $622
  • Low Cost Private Transfer From George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport to Houston City - One Way: $471
  • Sprinter Van IAH Transfer to Galveston: $462
  • Galveston Private Transfer - Houston Airport to Galveston Port/Hotel: $408
  • Sprinter Van Airport Transfer in Houston: $320
  • SUV Airport Transfer to Galveston: $299
  • Sedan Airport Transfer IAH to Galveston: $256
  • Departure Private Transfer Houston City to Houston Airport HOU by Minibus: $200
  • Arrival Private Transfer Houston Airport HOU to Houston City by Sprinter Minibus: $200
  • Houston George Bush Airport (IAH) to Houston - Round-Trip Private Transfer: $187
  • Arrival Private Transfer Houston George Bush Airport IAH to Houston by Minibus: $175

Is it cheaper to fly into Washington or Houston?

Prices for flights to both Houston and Washington change regularly based on dates and travel demand. We suggest you find the best prices for your next trip on Kayak, because you can compare the cost of flights across multiple airlines for your prefered dates.

  • Food Meals for one day
    Washington $30
    Houston $28
Typical Food prices in Washington

Here are some examples of typical meal expenses from previous travelers to Washington:

  • Water
  • Snacks on Monuments Tour

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Washington

For Washington, here are some samples of tours and activities related to meals and dining experiences:

  • Seattle: Pike Place Market Plant-Based Food Tour: $64
  • Washington D.C.: 3.5-Hour Georgetown Food Tour: $65
  • Washington DC: 3-Hour Italian Food Tour: $65
  • Washington DC Food Tour: Italian Cuisine in Dupont Circle: $65
  • Washington, DC: The Original Brew Tour with Tasting & Dinner: $70
  • Adams Morgan Food Tour: $76
  • Washington DC: Private Food Tour Experience: $79
  • Capitol Hill Walking Food Tour: $79
  • U Street Neighborhood Food Tour: $99
  • Washington DC Odyssey Dinner Cruise: $100
  • Private French Cooking Class with an Expert in the Heart of Washington DC: $108
  • Washington, DC 3-Hour Dinner Buffet Cruise: $122

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Houston

Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Houston.

  • Astroville Food Tour of Downtown Houston with Tunnel Access: $65
  • Downtown Houston Food Tour: $74
  • The Heights Food Tour: $74
  • Culinary Food Tour of Downtown Houston with Tunnel Access: $77

  • Entertainment Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
    Washington $19
    Houston $11

Tours and Activities in Washington

Also, here are some specific examples of entertainment, tickets, and activities for Washington.

  • Tidal Basin: Stroll around the cherry blossoms and monuments on an audio tour: $5.00
  • The National Mall: Discover the monuments and their memories on an audio tour: $5.00
  • Lincoln's Assassination: Explore Lincoln's final day on this audio walking tour: $5.55
  • The Kennedy Homes: Explore the colonial architecture on this audio walking tour: $5.55
  • Washington DC Self-Guided Audio Tour: $14
  • Washington DC Self-Guided Audio Tour: $15
  • Virtual Tour of Martin Luther King Memorial: $18
  • Virtual Tour African American Heritage in Washington DC: $19
  • Washington, DC: US Capitol Building Entry with 1-Hour Tour: $20
  • City Sightseeing Chester Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour: $21
  • DC Ghost Tour: $24
  • Advance Tickets to Washington, D.C.'s Newseum: $24

Tours and Activities in Houston

Here are a few actual costs in Houston for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • 1-Day Houston City Tour ( Houston departure ) (HU1): $60
  • 1-Day Mexico Gulf+NASA Tour (Houston departure) (X1): $60
  • 2-Day Austin+San Antonio Tour (Huston departure)(HS2): $198
  • 2-Days New Orleans Tour (Houston departure)(HN2): $238
  • 3D Printer Factory Tour plus 2 ft Tall Rocket!: $31
  • 7-Day Texas Tour ( Houston departure ) ( APH7 ): $788
  • Astroville Light Rail Train Tour of Houston with Tunnel Access: $40
  • Astroville Rockets Basketball Game Day Tour with Tunnel Access: $36
  • Astroville Underground Tunnel Tour of Downtown Houston: $26
  • Astroville Weekend Downtown Houston Tour With Tunnel Access: $35
  • Audi R8 Supercar Experience at Grandsport Speedway: $435
  • Best City Tour 2 hours: $51

  • Alcohol Drinks for one day
    Washington $15
    Houston $11

Sample the Local Flavors in Washington

Some specific costs for nightlife related activities in Washington:

  • Epic Washington DC Bar Crawl: By Let’s Roam: $12
  • Haunted Washington D.C. Ghost and Pub Walking Tour: $27
  • Washington DC: Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl: $34
  • DC: 'New York Times Journeys' Walking Tour with Beer, Cheese and Wine Tasting: $120
  • Seattle All-Inclusive: Hike Mt. Rainier and Wine Tasting: $278
  • NOVA Private Custom Wine Tours & Tasting from DMV: $645
  • 6 Hours Northern VA Wine Tour: $920

Sample the Local Flavors in Houston

Also in Houston, these are the prices for nightlife and alcohol related activities from various tour providers:

  • Skip the Line: Distillery Tour Ticket: $21
  • Haunted Houston Ghost and Pub Walking Tour: $27
  • Brewery Tour: $53
  • Astroville Downtown Bar Crawl & Tunnel Access (2 Cocktails Beverages Included): $58
  • SUV St. Arnold Brewery Tour: $487

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Washington and Houston, we can see that Houston is more expensive. And not only is Washington much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Washington would let you spend less money overall. Or, you could decide to spend more money in Washington and be able to afford a more luxurious travel style by staying in nicer hotels, eating at more expensive restaurants, taking tours, and experiencing more activities. The same level of travel in Houston would naturally cost you much more money, so you would probably want to keep your budget a little tighter in Houston than you might in Washington.

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Washington vs. Houston Travel Comparison

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