Spain is a country filled with bustling life, mouth-watering food, scenic beauty, rich culture, Moorish architecture, and of course, some of the wildest and most amazing festivals. Surely, Spain is a place you would want to visit. And if you visit once, you are bound to go again. Traveling all of Spain at once can be pretty expensive, but don’t worry because we got your back! We will show you how to have a great time in Spain in a limited budget.

What you should consider before going

For making a budget, the internet can be a great help. You can use it to check and book flights, compare basically every expense for the trip, and get the best deals. Using the right websites to get the right information is a pretty good way to save tons. You can use Blue Lilo to learn, check,  and compare prices.

Granada, Spain
Granada, Spain

When to go?


Spain is full of beautiful things to see and places to visit, so it’s always filled with tourists, especially in the summer season because of its lovely beaches. Summer generally lasts from June to September. So it would be better to go in between April to June and September to November. If you can plan out your dates, then you should try to avoid colliding dates when international events are being held because the hotel charges can be double or even triple. Going in offseason can get you better deals in flight and accommodation costs.

When to book flights?

The earlier, the better.

You can get the cheapest deals on your flights if you book it a few months early. The best prices can be found three months early. Normally it is best to take the cheapest flight to Europe and then take a budget flight to Spain. So be wary because the ticket prices can quickly increase and mess up your budget. If you are not going for a trans-Atlantic vacation, then it is best to stick with hand luggage only. Because you will be charged extra for checked-in bags.

Where to Stay?

Try to avoid resorts, villas, and lavish hotels

Accommodation is one of the most expensive things on any trip. Even in the off-season, it can cost you a lot. For a more genuine experience, you should try to lower the accommodation cost. After all, you won’t be sitting in your room all day.

If you want to have a fun experience, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and don’t need complete privacy, then you could try out the youth hostels, which are good places to meet the locals or other travellers. You can find the best ones through the website HostelWorld.

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If you want a more southern Spain experience, then you can choose to stay in places like Ronda, Cadiz, and Jerez. These places not only offer a cheaper place to stay comparatively than places like Marbella and Mallorca but also are amazing places to explore. They also have easy access to coastal areas.

You can also look for hotels using Airbnb, Blue Lilo, and to compare and get the best deals on rooms. And always try to book as early as possible

If you truly want to enjoy your stay, then take things a bit slowly. You don’t want to be running around the whole day and visit every place. You couldn’t even if you wanted to. So catch your breath, relax, and blend in with the locals.

There are tons of things to do in Spain. You can enjoy the beaches of Marbella, Ayamonte, Formentera, or wander about in the streets of Ronda, Bilbao, and Granada. Taste the heavenly foods of Valencia and Seville, or party till the sun comes up again in Ibiza.

Amidst all of the fun things you will be doing, we would like to give you some advice so you can keep track and stay within your budget to enjoy a few more activities.

Things to consider while traveling in Spain

Use the Bus

It might first seem better to use the train for transportation, but buses are a lot cheaper. Train passes are generally for really long distances. So, if you are not visiting places that far apart, then it is better to not opt for the pass. Buses can also take you closer to places where the trains can’t. But to get sweet deals on rail passes, you should try to book yours at least 60 days before. You will get better discounts if you do so.

In case of driving

If you want to drive around, then it is best to check out the Via Michelin website and check for the best routes. You can find rental car prices here.

Ride Sharing

You can also use rideshares to save money and cross distances comfortably.

Bundled Public Transport Tickets

This is also a good deal. In some places, you can get a bundle offer of 10 rides on public transportation, only  for €10.

Be wary of buying the museum and city passes

You probably should not get too psyched about buying the passes unless you are a real museum buff. Museum and city passes can be pretty expensive and are not often worth the investment unless you visit all of them. But if you do want to do a lot of city sightseeing and museum tours, then you can get the city passes and discounts. So, it is pretty much up to your preferences.

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Visit the museums in off days

Even if you are no museum or history buff, you should pay a visit or two to some of the museums. Spain has a rich history and culture, so museum visits are often fascinating. You don’t have to visit the grand museums that often because most of them can have an entry fee of €10. Luckily, there are a lot of museums that offer free entry.

You can check museum websites to see when and if they offer free entrances. A lot of the museums offer free entry in the evening or on Sundays. Museums also offer good discounts for senior citizens, children, and students. Be sure to check those out too.

Now that you have traveled a lot, seen a lot, and had your fair share of fun, it is time to munch down. But is eating that expensive? Yes and No. Spain is home to the finest cuisines and mouth-watering flavors. Almost every other city has its own signature dishes. You might just quickly blow a lot of cash trying to taste it all. That is why we have a few tips.

How to save on dining in Spain?

Menú del día

Menu of the day is offered by a lot of restaurants in Spain. This is considerably cheaper than a lot of other things on the menu. You can get a full course meal in only about €10-€15.


Tapas is not just a side dish. In fact, it is a dish with a mixture of food. In some places, tapas are free with a drink, and in some places, it can be called “Raciones’’. Tapas is both cheap and amazing, as it serves a bunch of local delicacies in one small platter. Check out a Tapas tour here.


Wine can be really expensive in Spain, so it is best to order on the house wines as they seem to be a lot less expensive but great in quality nonetheless. It is also good to get your wine from lesser-known areas. It will save you loads, and you will never be disappointed while trying the local specialties as well.


Do not go overboard with tipping. It is not a custom over there, so you can skip it if you want. But to give you a heads up, tips of €1-€2 mean amazing service.

Buy food from the supermarket

Whether you are planning for a long stay or a short one, it is not always necessary to go out for food in restaurants. Sometimes you can save up by buying your own food.

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Some top-notch places to try out foods will be Granier, Museo del Jamon, and La Mejor.


Spain is widely known for its amazing nightlife. With so many places and clubs, it gets difficult to choose from. But you should consider going to the clubs a bit early. In a lot of places, they provide free entry up to a certain time.

Get the Most out of your visit

Spain is not just about bullfights and La Tomatina. You can travel for months and still not be bored due to the myriad of fun activities, amazing places, friendly locals, and just being lost in the wonderful cities and islands. Amidst doing all of that, you might just lose track of your budget. But by following the above tips, you can have an amazing time in a great budget. So plan early, calculate your budget, compare websites, and get ready to have a lot of fun.