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Tips for Traveling to Spain on a Budget

Spain is a country filled with bustling life, mouth-watering food, scenic beauty, rich culture, Moorish architecture, and of course, some of the wildest and most amazing festivals. Surely, Spain is a place you would want to visit. And if you visit once, you are bound to go again. Traveling all of Spain at once can be pretty expensive, but don’t worry because we got your back! We will show you how to have a great time in Spain in a limited budget.

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Paris, France

What country should you visit for your first trip abroad?

Many people have asked me where they should go for their next trip. Since my wife and I are "in the travel business,” we are often asked for advice. It’s a hard question to answer, as your next destination really depends on the type of person you are, what you enjoy doing during your travels, and where you’ve already been. But many people have never left the comforts of their home country. It’s quite common, especially in larger and geographically isolated countries such as the U.S. or Australia where foreign travel entails purchasing an expensive plane ticket. Some people are timid or anxious about leaving their home country for the first time. All sorts of questions arise about what it's like to travel. People are usually most worried about the costs of travel, safety, speaking foreign languages, what hotel rooms might be like, and just the overall “unknown” of being somewhere new. Fear is often a big barrier to travel,…

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Holiday Apartments: A Cost-Effective Choice for Your Barcelona Trip

If you’re getting ready to head to Barcelona, there are various specifics to iron out even if you’ve been to the popular destination in Spain before. One of the things to consider is undoubtedly where you’ll stay. Since many people don’t have the option of making their friends’ guest rooms their temporary homes while away from home, they often stay in hotels. Although a hotel is probably the most commonly available accommodation option, it’s not the only choice.

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