Spain Activities and Tours

Activities and Things to do in Spain: Day Tours, Day Trips, and Shore Excursions

Spain has a vivid history, amazing food, beautiful landscapes, world class beaches, and great weather. It's no wonder that everyone wants to visit!

Activities and attractions in Spain range from the outdoors to urban experiences to historical sites to beachgoing. Spain has many large national park areas where hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing are par for the course.

The history of Spain is one of the main attractions. For centuries Spain was a mixing bowl of European and Moorish culture. The northern Africans from Morocco left their mark in many ways on Spain, and you can experience it now in their food, art, architecture, and music. From world famous destinations such as the Alhambra to the smaller courtyard (riad) style homes to large churches and mosques, the visual flavor of Spain is not to be missed. Most cities have a variety of companies that offer tours or day trips to a large number of places and at every budget.

If you're looking for a culinary experience, Spain is the place to visit. Tapas are Spain's gift to the world's food stage, and in many cities an afternoon and evening of bar hopping while eating tapas is a must-do activity. Or you could watch a Flamenco dancing show while eating dinner. At many such restaurants, it feels as if the dancers are right on top of your table!

The beaches of Spain are quite busy due to their stunning beauty and almost year-round warm weather. While some beach towns are lively and festive, others are quiet and relaxing. Everyone can find something they enjoy. And don't miss the water sports excursions, either, as the sea offers even more to see.