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Las Vegas… the best city in the world! Filled with endless entertainment, unique history, jaw-dropping landscapes, world-renowned food and SO much more. Sin city has so much to offer, how is someone supposed to condense it into only a four day itinerary?! Well my friends, it has been done. Get ready for a well-rounded, budget friendly and fun filled 4 days! 

In this guide I will share the ultimate way to spend 4 days in Las Vegas, best way to get to the city, what to pack, best time of year to visit, best day trips near the area and some local tips. Okay, let’s dive in!

Where is Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located on the southern tip of Nevada, close to famous sites like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and more! Many people love to travel to Las Vegas and road trips to all of these famous parks, all while spending a few days in this amazing city. 

To get to Las Vegas, you will need to fly into the major airport, McCarran International Airport (check prices here). From there, The Strip and Downtown are only a short 10-15 minute drive. There is an abundant amount of Lyft/Uber and Taxis to take you where you need to go, some hotels will even offer free shuttle service to/from the airport. 

What to pack for Las Vegas

What you should be packing for your Las Vegas trip will depend on what you want to do and the season you are traveling in. The most important things to remember are that it is HOT in Las Vegas most of the year and a lot of nightclubs, bars and restaurants will have a dress code.

If you are traveling during the warmer months, I would definitely recommend packing breathable and light clothing, lots of sunblock, and nicer attire for your nighttime activities. If you are traveling during the winter months, it can still be 70 degrees in the winter in Las Vegas, so make sure you check the weather before traveling. 

I have an extremely detailed guide on what to pack for Las Vegas (you can read that here), but here are my top 3 suggestions:

Sunblock Packets: These things are the size of a ketchup packet and can easily be kept in your pocket while you are exploring Las Vegas. I bring these packets on 99% of my travels because they are so easy to reapply while on the go!

Good walking shoes: Even though “The Strip” is only a little over 2 miles in length, your walking could easily triple if you go in and out of the casinos. The number one mistake travelers make is not realizing how large the casinos are and how much there is to see in each one. 

Hangover Remedy: If you plan on doing any drinking while in Las Vegas (which, I would bet you plan to!), you need to trust me on this one! These babies save my life time and time again, and now it’s time for them to save yours! Traveling to Las Vegas is both a marathon AND a sprint. You will need to make sure you stay hydrated in order to keep up with all the drinking activities this town has to offer, ha! :)

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Best time of year to travel to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is blessed with year round, amazing weather. You really can’t go wrong! If I had to choose, I would choose late spring or early fall (the shoulder seasons). The weather will be around 70 degrees (21 degrees celsius), sunny and all of the popular beach clubs will still be open. 

If you travel in the winter months, just be aware that you will be missing out on one of the best activities in Las Vegas: The Beach Clubs! These day clubs are only open between late spring – early fall because the weather must be nice. However, you will likely get cheaper prices during the winter months, so up to you!

And if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, check out the Best Party Hostels in Las Vegas or Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas.

4 Days in Las Vegas

Day 1: Sightseeing

If it’s your first time traveling to Las Vegas, you will want to dedicate a full day to seeing all the highlights and tourist attractions! Lucky for you, the majority of the tourist attractions are closely linked together, along a 2 mile “Strip.” 

Las Vegas Sign Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

The Las Vegas Strip is a cluster of city-themed hotels where you can easily take the free tram services or walk between them. I would recommend grouping a few hotels that look interesting to you, and seeing that bundle within a day. Here is an example of a FREE walking tour:

  1. Start at the Las Vegas Sign where you can snap your photo in front of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.” Beware that there WILL be a long line to get your photo, but don’t worry, the line moves quickly! 
  2. From there, drive over to the Cosmopolitan Hotel to explore their luxurious casino and enjoy a drink at the best bar in town, The Chandelier Bar! This three-story bar is enclosed with pink beads, making it look like you are drinking inside of a chandelier. 
  3. Next up, take the free tram from the Cosmopolitan hotel to the Bellagio Hotel. The Bellagio is easily the most popular hotel in Las Vegas because of all the jaw-dropping attractions! And the best part… they are FREE! At the Bellagio, don’t miss the Bellagio Conservatory, the largest chocolate fountain in the world, and of course the fountain show on Las Vegas Blvd!

BONUS: If you walk across the street from Bellagio, you can see the replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and the free Flamingo Habitat at the Flamingo

For your nightcap, I would recommend exploring downtown Las Vegas! In this area of Vegas, you can find trendy bars, street murals, the famous Fremont Street, and more. Whether this is your first time to Las Vegas or 100th time, Downtown is always a blast! If you want to spend a night exploring this area, be sure to check out my detailed guide on the best bars in Downtown Las Vegas!

Day 2: Day Trip

Las Vegas is so much more than The Strip! The city is surrounded by incredible desert landscapes and famous sites. I encourage you to rent a car or sign up for a tour to see one of these amazing locations:

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Option 1: Valley of Fire State Park ($10)

Valley of Fire is a vibrant, red oasis only 1 hour outside of the city. You can spend the entire day driving their scenic loop, hiking through slot canyons, and looking at ancient petroglyphs. My top five recommendations are White Domes Hike, Beehives, and the Fire Wave Hike! If 1 hour seems too far, there is another park called Red Rock Canyon (30 minutes outside the city). While it is not as impressive as Valley of Fire, it will still give you those beautiful desert landscapes!

Valley of Fire Las Vegas USA 1.JPG Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

Option 2: Death Valley National Park ($25)

Death Valley is a National Park located only 2 hours outside of Las Vegas. This park is home to the most unique landscapes you will ever see in your lifetime! The park is extremely spread out, so you will want to plan out the sites you want to see before you go.

Death Valley Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

Option 3: Grand Canyon ($30) 

The famous Grand Canyon is only 2 hours away from Las Vegas, which you can either drive yourself or sign up for the many tours. From helicopters to charter buses, you can choose the level of luxury you want for your day trip to the Grand Canyon. Click here to browse tour options.

Grand Canyon Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

After your exhausting day of driving and sightseeing, time for some all-you-can-eat sushi for only $25! Something that is extremely unique about Las Vegas is the abundance of all you can eat sushi places throughout town. I am not exaggerating when I say there is a DAMN good sushi restaurant every few blocks! Some of my favorite spots that are close to the Las Vegas strip are TOP Sushi, Jjanga, and Gorilla Sushi.

Day 3: Buffet + Day Club (~$100)

Start your morning out with a feast for kings at one of Las Vegas’s buffets! Even though this city is most known for its parties, you can’t neglect the amazing cuisine Las Vegas has to offer. If you splurge on anything during your time in Vegas, you should splurge on the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace… This place is INSANE. 

Where else can you spend $55.00 and get bottomless king crab legs, lobster, freshly made sushi, ramen, lamb chops, acai bowls, and TONS more?

After your belly is filled with food, time for alcohol to soak it up :) One of the best things to do in Las Vegas during the summer months is going to a day club! Most of the hotels on the Strip will have day clubs, also called beach clubs, but here are my top choices:

These day clubs typically open around 11am and last till around 6pm. If you are traveling with a group, it would be smart to pitch in for a table so you have somewhere to sit! These can be extremely expensive, especially on the weekends, but you will also have a great time just going on general admission! Depending on the club you choose, prices for general admission range from $20-$60 on a normal weekend and $100-$300 on a holiday weekend! 

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Day Club Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

After a day full of heavy drinking, nothing will taste better than an In-N-Out burger! If you are from the west coast, you already know the hype, but if you are from the east coast or another country, you MUST get an In-N-Out burger at least once during your 4 days in Vegas! 

TIP: Get the off-the-menu animal style fries, trust me on this one!

Day 4: Explore Downtown Las Vegas ($30)

Downtown Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!

The best part about Downtown Las Vegas is that even though it is a touristy and fun area, the pricing is extremely fair! Start your morning off with a trendy breakfast spot in Downtown Las Vegas: Fergusons Downtown! In this area, you will find cute boutiques + plant shops, sculptures, “instagrammable” photo walls, murals, and yummy coffee shops! 

Also in this area is an extremely unique museum that is filled with old Neon Signs, called the Neon Museum! Tickets are only $30 to enter and you get a guided tour of the signs.

If you have more time to spare before your travel home, I would recommend seeing any of these things that are also in this area:

  • Fremont Street Experience – You can zipline over this street!
  • Art District Art Murals
  • Container Park that is a shopping area made of recycled shipping containers
  • See a million dollars at Binion’s Hotel & Casino
  • Learn about Las Vegas’s Mob History at the Mob Museum
  • Symphony Park
Symphony Park Las Vegas Itinerary - 4 Days in Sin City!
Symphony Park

Okay, that’s a wrap! There are endless things to see in Las Vegas, but this 4 day Las Vegas itinerary will give you a well-rounded and budget friendly experience! Even as a local, I still find myself doing the things on this list time and time again. 

Easily the worst mistake travelers make when traveling to Las Vegas is only seeing the touristy “Strip” area. In my opinion, what makes a perfect itinerary is getting a well-rounded experience of the destination. Including food, natural scenery, tourist attractions and more, you will be getting a taste of what this amazing city has to offer! Whether you love world-famous restaurants or outstanding scenery, it has something for everyone.

I hope you found this guide useful! If you have any questions or recommendations, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.