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Dahab, Egypt

We’re always looking for guest bloggers! Want to write about travel, budgeting, backpacking, and exotic places? Sounds awesome! Shoot us a message with your idea for a post. You can write just once, or on a regular basis if you like.

All submissions (and request for submissions) must follow the guidelines! Read this or your message will be ignored.

  • 2000 word minimum
  • Travel bloggers are allowed to have credit in the author bio and a link to their website, contact us for specific details.
  • Proper English grammarrrrr and spelllllingggg.
  • The post must be unique and not published elsewhere on the internet

We only accept free guest posts from actual travel bloggers. If you write for, or represent, a company that provides commercial travel services or products, then we will sometimes accept a sponsored guest post. If that is what you’re interested in, please contact us for more information, as we have a different set of guidelines for such requests.

If you send us an email that only contains a vague request for a guest post, it is very likely that your request will be ignored.

When sending your request, please include the following information:

  • Your idea(s) for a topic
  • Your website/blog
  • A funny joke

If you contact us with poor English and poor grammar, we will also ignore your message. The quality of your writing is important to us. If you can’t get it right in an email, how can we trust that you will write the actual post with proper grammar?

If you have an idea for a post, send us a message about it before sending the actual article. We will not accept posts that are an advertisement or advertorial. We will also not accept posts from non-travel related companies and websites. Make sure you include your travel-related website in your request. (Otherwise, please contact us about sponsored post opportunities.)

Ideally, all posts should be at least 2000 words in length. We have no set maximum length, but shorter posts are not accepted. Quality is better than quantity, but too little quantity is still bad.

If you wish to submit photos, please note that all photos must have proper copyright and/or creative commons permissions, credits, and links where required. Do not embed photos into Google Docs or Word documents, please. Instead, attach them separately. If you need help finding stock photos, we are happy to help.

We also ask that authors include a few sentences about themselves for the by-line. A gravatar-enabled email address is also good to have for the photo, or send a photo. Your email address will not be shown. Author bios should be a few sentences long.

In summary, if you want to write a post, send us a message with the following information:

  • A summary of the post you’ve written, or plan to write.
  • Your website. If it’s not travel related, don’t waste your time or our time.
  • A joke

And once again, if you don’t have an actual travel blog, then you’ll receive our sponsored post guidelines, pricing, and other details.

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