A Travel Comparison for Vacations, Honeymoons, and Tours Finland vs. Latvia

Should you visit Finland or Latvia?

Both Finland and Latvia are beautiful countries in Northern Europe with a lot to offer visitors. Finland is in northern Europe, which is a notoriously expensive part of the world to visit, while Latvia is part of the Baltics, which is one of the more affordable regions of Europe. Both countries have interesting cities, beautiful rural areas, and unique histories.

Finland is a more popular tourist destination and if budget is not a concern, it can offer a truly unique experience. Helsinki is the capital city, and it is a fun place to spend some time. Finland has many beautiful lakes that provide excellent fishing and outdoor opportunities. The country is also known for its outdoor sports year around. Skiing, snowmobiling, and ice diving are all popular activities.

Latvia is another fascinating country to visit. Most visitors head straight to Riga, which is the capital city and a World Heritage Site. Riga is also the largest city in the Baltic States and it has an impressive Old Town and a city center with interesting buildings and architecture. Outside of Riga, there are many interesting towns worth visiting including Liepaja, Kuldiga, and Cesis.

Which country is cheaper, Latvia or Finland?

Should I visit Finland or Latvia? This is a popular question for many travelers. By figuring out which country is more expensive, you'll understand where you'll get more bang for your buck. A week in Latvia can cost you about €634 (per person), while a week in Finland may cost you around €873. These differences become even more noticable if you plan to spend a longer time in the country. 10 days, two weeks, or even one month of travel to Latvia or Finland can really add to your travel budget.

Accommodation is often cheaper in Latvia compared to Finland (€41 vs. €59). Budget travelers usually stay in less expensive hostels and guest houses, while nicer hotels often appeal to families and upscale travelers.

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