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If you're not sure how much you should pay for a hostel, these hostel price summaries should help you plan your trip. We've analyzed the average prices of hostels for destinations around Austria.

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Planning Ahead

Although Austria is an expensive destination, it does have a variety of accommodation types, which provides you with a few options that can help you keep costs down. It's a beautiful and stunning country, and well worth the money. It is also, typically, less expensive than its nearby neighbor Switzerland, although not by much.

There is an Austrian law that all overnight guests must register at the hotel or hostel. Don't be surprised if the hotel or hostel requests you hand over your passport. They will return it, as this is normal practice. If you do plan to stay somewhere for more than two weeks, it's important that you obtain a document of registration, known as a Meldezettel. You can get this from the local registration authority, referred to as the Bezirksamt or Meldeamt. Typically you will find them in the town hall. If you've been in Austria more than a couple of months, this document will be requested of you upon departure.
Plenty of Choices

Because there are so many accommodation types throughout Austria, you have a variety of options to help you save money. If you're traveling into the countryside, consider camping. Bring your own tent and you'll save a lot of money on accommodation and enjoy the experience all the more because you'll see nature up close and personal.

Larger cities usually offer more hostels, so their prices can actually be better than in smaller towns where your selection may be more limited. A great tip if you're on a tight budget is to find a place that you enjoy and spend more time there. You can often get a discount for staying more than a few nights, and you'll also cut down on transportation costs as well. This is a great way to get to know one specific area up close and personal.
Choosing Your Style

Austria is a popular travel destination for both Europeans and international travelers. It's stunning beauty and quaint villages are timeless and wonderful to explore. Because of it's popularity, Austria has a wide range of accommodation types to choose from. If you're in a larger city, you're guaranteed to find hostels that will fit into your budget. In smaller towns it's possible to find families that rent flats out of their home. These typically function as a bed and breakfast style facility and can be more affordable than comparable hotels. To locate these facilities look for signs that mention Pension or Zimmer Frei. If you're in the more rural countryside you may be able to rent a room for a home. Be bold and ask around and you're likely to find someone eager to rent you a room for a fair price.

While the price of accommodation in Vienna is often higher then the nearby countries, the quality is often much improved as well. Many hotels in this city pride themselves on the high standard they maintain and you will often be pleasantly surprised. If you are a nonsmoker or are particularly sensitive to cigarette smoke this might be a concern, however. Many hotels have only a small handful of rooms that are nonsmoking and smoking is generally permitted in the public areas. If having a nonsmoking room is important to you, do make your reservations early and specifically request the nonsmoking room.

Also make sure you understand which neighborhood you want to stay in during your visit to Vienna. While many hotels claim to be centrally located, this is often a vast overstatement. To locals, centrally located is considered to be in or around the 1st district. Few hotels are actually in this area. The core districts are 2 through 9. Some hotels which claim to be central are actually outside of these core districts. You can determine what district a hotel is in by looking at the first number in its address. This is the district designation. Even if a hotel is not centrally located, it may still be just a short walk from the subway. If you're okay with this, then you can still access the rest of the city by public transportation. It might be a little less convenient though.

Salzburg has a scenic beauty that many visitors will recognize from the famous movie, "The Sound of Music." There are a range of accommodation options that will meet the needs of every traveler, whether they're looking for a budget hostel or a five star hotel. Many of the hostels provide a social setting where it's easy to meet other guests. They generally have a kitchen and common area and some have pool tables, televisions and other amenities available to guests. Often they show "The Sound of Music" on the televisions for guests as well. Some hostels are only open during the summer months so do confirm that your choice will be open during your visit.

Mid-range accommodation is generally clean and reliable. Many hotels provide a breakfast to guests, often in the form of a buffet. There are occasionally on site restaurants or bars attached to the building as well. The higher end hotels also often provide room service. Prices can vary dramatically based on the season so if you are in town during the low season you may get some surprisingly good deals.