Spain Suggested Itineraries

Suggested Itineraries for Spain - On Your Own

Not sure where to go? Try one of these common itineraries to take on your own, or mix and match destinations to plan your own independent trip.

1. Spain Overview Itinerary

Approximate Time: 2 or 3 Weeks
Barcelona - Madrid - Toledo - Cordoba - Granada - Ronda - Seville
Spain is a fascinating country with excellent cuisine, a unique culture, and a rich history. This itinerary takes you overland through some of the country's most popular highlights. It begins in the city of Barcelona and ends in Seville. Barcelona is Spain's second largest city and it is situated on the northeastern Mediterranean coast. It has many neighborhoods to explore so give yourself several days to get to know the city.

From Barcelona, make your way to Madrid. Madrid is Spain's capital city and it is well recognized for its cultural and artistic heritage. Make sure you visit the El Prado museum. There is also excellent nightlife to experience.

From Madrid, continue on to Toledo. Toledo has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It has a fascinating old town that has meandering cobblestone streets. Also make sure you visit the city's 13th century cathedral and Alcazar.

From Toledo continue on to Cordoba. Cordoba has been named a World Heritage Site and has many interesting cultures immersed in one place.

From Cordoba, go to Granada. Granada is definitely worth several days. Make sure you visit the Alhambra and soak up some of the student culture while you're there.

From Granada go to the small town of Ronda. Ronda is dramatically situated in a deep gorge that is crossed by a beautiful bridge. Ronda is a scenic and relaxing place to visit, but there will likely be many day trippers in the area.

From Ronda go to Seville, which is the financial and cultural center of Southern Spain. There are many sites worth visiting including many museums and monuments. Seville is the final stop on this itinerary.

2. Spain Highlights

Approximate Time: 2 or 3 Weeks
Barcelona - Zaragoza - Bilbao - Segovia - Madrid - Toledo - Cordoba - Seville
This itinerary takes you through many favorite cities in Spain. Like the previous itinerary, it begins in Barcelona and ends in Seville, but it follows a very different travel route. After spending several days in Barcelona, continue on to Zaragoza. This city is often overlooked by visitors to Spain, but it offers a beautiful setting with excellent food, culture, shopping and sightseeing. If you have time, it's definitely worth a visit.

From there, continue on to Bilbao. Bilbao has a wonderful Old Quarter, and a highlight of the city is a visit to the Guggenheim Museum.

Continue from Bilbao and stop by Segovia on your way to Madrid. Segovia is a medieval town that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Madrid is the capital city of Spain and offers many sights, restaurants, and entertainment for visitors. Allow yourself at least a couple of days to explore Madrid.

From Madrid, continue to Toledo. Toledo is often referred to as the "Museum City," so make sure you visit several museums and monuments. Your next stop is Cordoba, and then on to your final destination, Seville.

3. Northern Spain Itinerary

Approximate Time: 2 Weeks
Barcelona - Monistrol de Montserrat - Pamplona - San Sebastian - Bilbao - Segovia - Madrid
Northern Spain offers excellent sightseeing opportunties for visitors. The region is known for its wonderful food, local wine, and beautiful landscapes. This itinerary takes you through some of the highlights of the area. You will begin in Barcelona and then finish your trip in Madrid. As with the previous itineraries, you should allow yourself at least a few days to explore the vibrant city of Barcelona. From there, make your way to Montserrat. Montserrat is a beautiful mountain with a holy monastery. It is a truly fascinating place to visit. From there go to Pamplona, which is most famous for the running of the bulls every July. The city has a charming Old Quarter. Also make sure you visit the cathedral which is quite beautiful. From Pamplona go to San Sebastian. San Sebastian is a popular destination for Spaniards because it hosts many festivals and celebrations. Then go on to Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim Museum. From Bilbao, travel to the beautiful city of Segovia, which has influenced many artists and architects over the years. After Segovia, go to your final destination of Madrid. Make sure you give yourself several days to fully explore this fascinating capital city.

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