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Land Brandenburg, Germany

How much does it cost to travel to Potsdam?

How much money will you need in Potsdam? €89 ($98) is the average daily price for traveling in Potsdam. The average price of meals in Potsdam for one day is €25 ($27). The average price of a hotel in Potsdam for a couple is €96 ($106). Additional pricing is in the table below. These average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

  • Average Daily Cost Per person, per day
  • One Week Per person
  • 2 Weeks Per person
  • One Month Per person
  • One Week For a couple
  • 2 Weeks For a couple
  • One Month For a couple
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How expensive is Potsdam?

How much does a trip to Potsdam cost? Is Potsdam expensive? The average Potsdam trip cost is broken down by category here. All of these Potsdam prices are calculated from the budgets of real travelers.

  • Accommodation1 Hotel or hostel for one person
  • Accommodation1 Typical double-occupancy room
  • Food2 Meals for one day
  • Local Transportation1 Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
  • Entertainment1 Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
  • Alcohol2 Drinks for one day
Flights to Potsdam

How much does it cost to go to Potsdam? Naturally, it depends on the dates. We recommend SkyScanner because they can find the best deals across all of the airlines.

Typical tour prices for Potsdam

How much do tours to Potsdam cost? Multi-day tours can often be an effecient way to see the highlights of a country or region.

  • Intrepid Small group tours for everyone
    15 days
    $ 2075
  • Contiki Tours for 18-35 year olds
    13 days
    $ 2000
  • Trafalgar Award-winning tours
    8 days
    $ 1450
  • G Adventures Adventure and cultural tours
    7 days
    $ 1025
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Potsdam Potsdam
Before you lays a treasure chest of historic beauties. From the glimmering Renaissance Orangery Palace that overlooks its sumptuous fountains to the neoclassical Charlottenhof Castle that is surrounded by lush England gardens, you find yourself in none other than Potsdam, Germany. The capital and largest city of the German federal state of Brandenburg, Potsdam borders the German capital Berlin and is located right on the bay of the River Havel. A home for Prussian kings until 1918 and a brainchild of the Enlightenment, Potsdam was constructed thoughtfully and carefully by its architects to create what many to believe as "a picturesque, pastoral dream" and a "balance between both nature and reason." From interconnected lakes to historic landmarks, Potsdam is a city that is bursting with life all year around. With its rich history, it was no wonder various parts of the city were named a World Heritage Site. With its landscape and cityscape rivaling in beauty, Potsdam is simply a breathtaking city that must be explored!
One of the many sights that draw tourists from across the globe is the well-known Sanssouci Park, which includes a collection of palaces and gardens. Built in the years 1745 and 1747 by architect Georg W. von Knobelsdorff, Sanssouci Palace is by far the most popular of the cluster of palaces found in the park. Erected for Frederick William IV, Frederick was later buried in the Sanssouci Palace during 1991, on the 205th anniversary of his death. With some 70 km of walkways, Sanssouci Park is the largest park in Brandenburg. It is estimated that over a million tourists visit this park per year. Beside Sanssouci Palace, the park also includes the Church of Peace, Orangery Palace, Charlottenhof Castle, Roman Baths, Chinese Teahouse, as well as many more simply amazing sights. Be sure to check out the park's website as opening and closing times for each exhibit vary widely. Watch the history of centuries past be resurrected before your very eyes at Sanssouci Park!

Besides the ancient relics it holds within its borders, Potsdam almost makes use of the modern amenities as well. For a shopping experience entirely its own, be sure to stop by Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam. Opened in 1999 as one of the first integrated projects in the Federal Republic of Germany of a modern railway station and shopping center, Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam is the most frequented place throughout the city, receiving 60,000 visitors per day at its railway station. With restaurants, shops, as well as an indoor movie theater, Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam will surely keep you entertained from sunrise to sunset. Some of its shops include Calzedonia, Deichmann, Douglass, Herzog and Brauer, Hussel, and Vero Moda. Besides its wide collection of stores, Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam also has a variety of restaurants, such as cafes, Asian restaurants, and German grills and restaurants. Whether you are looking to buy some new shoes or bite into bratwurst, the possibilities are endless at Bahnhofspassagen Potsdam!

If you are looking to take a rendezvous from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the peaceful serenity of being lakeside at Sacrower See. With a depth of more than 4 metres, Sacrower See boasts the best water quality of all lakes in and around Berlin, allowing for the lake's waters to be nearly transparent. Due to its paradise-like quality it attains, it is no wonder that Sacrower See attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a refreshing swim or a warm sunbath, Sacrower See will furnish your needs easily. The surrounding forest also allows you to enjoy some of Germany's wildlife, where there is also a smaller bathing area that allows you to sunbathe on the grass. Besides this, Sacrower See also provides food and drinks for its visitors with its Restaurant Landleben and beer garden that offers a perfect view of the lake and the bathing area. Order fresh, tasty dishes as short pasta with spicy tomato sauce and olives, classic bacon and cheese, Mediterranean barbecued vegetable with goose cheese and rucola, and young salad with fried chicken liver and cherries. Enjoy a breathtaking view as you take another savory bite at Sacrower See's Restaurant Landleben!

The best prices for buses and trains in Germany can be found on Omio (formerly GoEuro). They let you search across all train, bus, and plane routes throughout Europe.

Getting around Potsdam can be done with its modern and overall excellent tram and bus systems (though it is relatively confusing to navigate around). As Potsdam is part of the VBB transportation network, you are able to jump on and off trams and buses at will. The city is divided into zones, with Zone A being the inner city, Zone B being the outer parts, and Zone C being the hinterland. Any ticket that states ABC or BC will therefore give you full access to explore Potsdam. The five main lines in Potsdam include Schlösser-Linie, Krongut-Linie, Tropen-Linie, Filmstadt-Linie, and Cecilienhof-Linie. Besides buses and trams, services for taxis, car rentals, and bicycle rentals can be found throughout the city. Enjoy your stay in Potsdam!


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1 Categories averaged on a per-item basis.
2 Categories averaged on a per-day basis.
For example, the Food2 daily average is for all meals for an entire day, while Entertainment1 is for each individual purchase.

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