The Northeast United States of America

The northeast United States includes the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The region is one of the oldest settled parts of the United States and it holds on to its rich and fascinating history. The area has both densely populated cities and rustic rural areas. There are beach towns, college towns, cosmopolitan cities, and stretches of land that are filled with rural charm.

The climate of the area is known for its four seasons. There are harsh and cold winters when snow is quite common. Summers can be warm and pleasant or hot and humid. Fall is a beautiful time to visit the area as the weather is cool and crisp and the fall folliage is stunning. Spring is also beautiful when the snow begins to melt, the temperatures warm up and the flowers bloom.
The culture and history of the United State's northeast is reason enough to visit. There are many historic landmarks in the area. Boston and Washington, DC in particular have a high concentration of landmarks. Museums are also plentiful, as are aquariums, theaters, historic buildings and impressive architecture. The coastline along the northeast is also beautiful and diverse. It ranges from rocky cliffs to sandy beaches and swimming is possible during the warmest months. Many coastal towns also have boardwalks that make for an entertaining few days.

Some of the area's top sights include Cape Cod, Salem, New York City, Bar Harbor, and the Jersey Shore among many others.
The northeast United States can be divided into New England and the Mid-Atlantic. New England includes the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The Mid-Atlantic includes the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.
Cultural activities are plentiful throughout the area. There are many festivals in the cities, with most taking place during the spring, summer and fall months. Visiting during the fall season also allows you to see the area's beautiful folliage. This alone is reason to make the trip. In the cities there are many theaters, concert halls, clubs and bars. There are also many universities throughout the northeast, each of which has it's own character and personality. Visiting the colleges of the northeast can be a fun way to learn about the area's history and culture.
Food and Dining
There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in the northeast. Regional specialties are centered around the area's thriving seafood industry. Maine lobster is a favorite and you must try the Maine lobster roll. Clam chowder is also a classic in the area.

All of the metropolitan areas, particularly, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston, have world renowned restaurants. The area's rich history and diverse population mean that a variety of ethnic cuisines are commonplace and good. Italian, Ethiopian, Asian and Mexican are some of the favorites, but there are many more to choose from as well.

If you're on a particularly tight budget, delis and cafes are good options for fresh food at a decent price. Grocery stores are also plentiful and offer any ingredients you might need. Many also have ready made meals available. Fast food chains are ubiquitous as well. They provide a cheap and predictable meal for those who are not particularly picky.
The northeast is one of the few areas in the United States where it is possible to visit without a vehicle. Still, you must research all of your public transportation options, buy your tickets in advance, and limit the number of places you visit during your trip. This is best accomplished if you only want to visit the larger cities.

Amtrak and the Acela express operate a decent number of routes in the area. The Northeast Corridor is between Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Vermonter is from Connecticut to Vermont and the Downeaster is from Boston to Portland. Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston are also all connected by train. High speed trains are available.

Bus options in the region include Greyhound, the Chinatown bus routes, Megabus and Bolt Bus. New Hampshire and Maine are served by Concord Coach Lines and New England offers Peter Pan Bus.

Driving in the northeast is relatively easy. The roads are excellent, but toll roads are common and the price can quickly rise surprisingly high. Traffic congestion can also become frustrating, particularly if you're traveling during peak times or holidays. It is best to plan you trip such that you avoid major metropolitan areas during rush hour.


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