Cities in Europe: Travel Cost Rankings

What are the cheapest cities to visit in Europe?

The following travel cost rankings for cities in Europe are calculated based on the travel budgets of real travelers. Also referred to as a Travel Cost Index, or a Backpacker Index, the cities below are in order from least to most expensive by their average daily travel price, per person, per day

  • 1
    Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2
    Wroclaw, Poland
  • 3
    Gdansk, Poland
  • 4
  • 5
    Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • 6
    Moscow, Russia
  • 7
  • 8
    Krakow, Poland
  • Krakow Krakow, Poland
    Krakow is Poland's second largest city. It sits on both sides of the Wisla River at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. There are more than 1.4 million residents in the metropolitan area. Krakow is known as a historical and beautiful city that is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Tourism makes up a large part of the city's economy, but there is also a university and several...
  • 9
    Telc, Czech Republic
  • 10
    Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria
    Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and also its largest city. Some people have tried to compare it to Budapest, but the cities are actually quite different. In Sofia you will find wonderful European style architecture intertwined with Communist style buildings. It's fascinating to see the two dramatically different building styles immediately next to each other. There are also many Orthodox Churches around town, with their beautiful domes and intricate...
  • 11
    Sopron, Hungary
  • 12
    Varna, Bulgaria
  • 13
    Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegowina
  • 14
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegowina
  • 15
    Sibiu, Romania
  • 16
    Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
    Founded in 1370, Karlovy Vary translates to "Charles' Bath" for its founder Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, as well as its famous hot springs. It is located in Bohemia in the western Czech Republic and is also known as Karlsbad (German) or Carlsbad (English). Another highlight is the International Film Festival in July with draws celebrities and other film enthusiasts worldwide.
  • 17
    Maribor, Slovenia
  • 18
    Zagreb, Croatia
  • 19
    Budapest, Hungary
  • 20
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 21
    Warsaw, Poland
  • 22
    Zadar, Croatia
  • 23
    Kilkenny, Ireland
  • 24
  • 25
  • 26
    Palermo, Italy
  • 27
    Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 28
    Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 29
    Alesund, Norway
  • 30
    Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tallinn Tallinn
    Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. It has a population of more than 430,000 people and is a charming, yet cosmopolitan place to visit. The Old Town is at the center of the city's tourism, and the beauty and architecture is very impressive. The city's close proximity to Helsinki makes it a popular day trip from Finland, but cheap plane...
  • 31
    Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
    Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic", is a beautiful walled city in southern Croatia that sits on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. It's a small city, with only about 40,000 residents, but it's become one of the most significant tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city was historically built on maritime trade, which is not surprising given its location near major...
  • 32
    Lillehammer, Norway
  • 33
    Paphos, Cyprus
  • 34
    Lugo, Spain
  • 35
    Ericeira, Portugal
  • 36
    Cork, Ireland
  • 37
    Hvar, Croatia
  • Hvar Hvar, Croatia
    Hvar is a Croatian island full of mountains, vegetation, beaches, vineyards, shops, restaurants, and also people! Hvar Town is the main city on the island, but there are many other small villages throughout. The best time to visit Hvar is between May and September, although keep in mind it can get busy during this period.
  • 38
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Prague Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It is also the largest city in the country and one of the largest cities in Central Europe. Prague has long enticed travelers for its beautiful architecture, impressive bridges, detailed cathedrals, and fascinating history. Prague is unique in that is remained almost completely undamaged during World War II. The medieval city center still feels like you've stepped back in time. Despite...
  • 39
    Coimbra, Portugal
  • 40
    Nuremberg, Germany
  • 41
    Bergen, Norway
  • 42
    Riga, Latvia
  • 43
    Bled, Slovenia
  • 44
    Santillana, Spain
  • 45
    Flam, Norway
  • 46
    Lucca, Italy
  • 47
    Oviedo, Spain
  • 48
    Limerick, Ireland
  • 49
  • 50
    Split, Croatia
  • 51
  • 52
    Braga, Portugal
  • 53
    Corfu, Greece
  • 54
    Auxerre, France
  • Auxerre Auxerre, France
    Auxerre is a town in France on the Yonne River and in the Yonne department of the Burgundy region. Historically, the town owes its importance to its important position on the river, and also to the once important trade route between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. Auxerre has received the classification of a protected Historic Town in France as well as being one of the French towns of art...
  • 55
    Sintra, Portugal
  • 56
    Villach, Austria
  • 57
    Hamburg, Germany
  • 58
    Chartres, France
  • 59
    Montpellier, France
  • 60
    Connemara, Ireland
  • 61
    Lagos, Portugal
  • 62
    Bordeaux, France
  • 63
    Ghent, Belgium
  • 64
    Galway, Ireland
  • 65
    Delft, Netherlands
  • 66
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • 67
    Wurzburg, Germany
  • 68
    Dingle, Ireland
  • 69
    Paros, Greece
  • 70
    Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 71
    Granada, Spain
  • Granada Granada, Spain
    Granada is a city of southern Spain located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the autonomous community of Andalucia. Perhaps the most notable feature of the city is its medieval architecture that dates to the Moorish occupation of Spain. Each example stands from another time and place, strong fortresses and castles against the backdrop of lumbering mountains. Yet they are surrounded by a city thriving with modern...
  • 72
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • 73
    Valencia, Spain
  • 74
    Toledo, Spain
  • 75
    Bruges, Belgium
  • 76
    York, United Kingdom
  • 77
    Seville, Spain
  • 78
    Toulouse, France
  • 79
    Lyon, France
  • Lyon Lyon, France, as viewed from the Saone River
    Lyon, located within the region of Southeastern France, is France's third largest city in terms of population, with just over 500,000 inhabitants. This makes the city large, yet still small and personable enough to be explored properly in a short visit. Known as the gastronomic capital of Europe, your culinary needs are exceptionally well catered to here, and for those with historical and cultural interests, you will never be at...
  • 80
  • 81
    Porto, Portugal
  • 82
    Athens, Greece
  • 83
    Innsbruck, Austria
  • 84
    Naples, Italy
  • 85
    Bucharest, Romania
  • 86
    Oslo, Norway
  • Oslo Oslo
    Oslo is not only the largest city in Norway, and also its capital. It also holds the title as the most expensive city in the world. Oslo is a unique capital city in that its boundaries include much forest and wildlife. The city itself is nestled in an amphitheater type setting. The city's core is in the bottom by the fjord, and the residential areas stretch uphill away from the...
  • 87
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal
    Portugal's capital city of Lisbon continues to grow in popularity as a travel destination. The cultural scene has come to life in recent years and the city itself is stunningly beautiful. It sits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is made up of hills that create a dramatic and scenic layout. The city has many white-bleached limestone buildings, narrow alleyways, and a laidback charm that appeals to visitors....
  • 88
    Pamplona, Spain
  • 89
    Nice, France
  • 90
  • 91
    Dresden, Germany
  • 92
    Rhodes, Greece
  • 93
    Madrid, Spain
  • 94
    Brussels, Belgium
  • 95
    Cannes, France
  • 96
    Berlin, Germany
  • 97
    Bilbao, Spain
  • 98
    Kiel, Germany
  • 99
    Strasbourg, France
  • 100
  • 101
  • 102
    Helsinki, Finland
  • 103
    Dublin, Ireland
  • 104
    Sorrento, Italy
  • 105
    Malaga, Spain
  • 106
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • 107
    Mainz, Germany
  • 108
    Marseille, France
  • 109
    Munich, Germany
  • 110
    Saint-Tropez, France
  • 111
    Tampere, Finland
  • 112
    Mykonos, Greece
  • Mykonos Mykonos, Greece
    Mykonos, a Greek Island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, is part of the Cyclades group. Mykonos is one of the most touristy islands in the Aegean Sea and is famous for its whitewashed buildings that climb up the hill along with historic windmills, stunning hillside views, and fantastic seafood restaurants. Because of its popularity, Mykonos comes with a hefty tourist markup. Many passengers arrive here as part of...
  • 113
    Pompeii, Italy
  • 114
    Vienna, Austria
  • 115
    Costa de Prata, Portugal
  • 116
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 117
    Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • 118
    Dijon, France
  • Dijon Dijon, France
    Dijon is a city in eastern France, capital of the Cote-d'Or department and of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte region. Archaeological finds in this area date back to the Neolithic period, but Dijon later became a Roman settlement before later becoming home to the Dukes of Burgundy between the 11th and 15th centuries. Dijon was a place of tremendous wealth and power, one of the great European centers of art, learning and science....
  • 119
    Florence, Italy
  • Florence Florence
    Florence is the capital of Tuscany and one of the most well known cities in Italy for its art and cultural scenes. The city is rooted in history and you can see this in the architecture, statues, gardens, and art that are everywhere around town. This city truly is a living museum. You should allow yourself at least a couple of days to explore Florence and if you can afford...
  • 120
    Salzburg, Austria
  • Salzburg Salzburg Old Town
    Most people know of Salzburg from its roll in the infamous movie "The Sound of Music." Every child who fell in love with this movie knows the gazebo scene in the rain, or could sing "My Favorite Things" as they skip down the Salzach River, but once you get past the obvious cliches, you can see that Salzburg is a city with a lot of depth and culture aside from...
  • 121
    Belfast, United Kingdom
  • 122
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
    Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain with a population of over 1.5 million people. It's also the capital of Catalonia and is located on the northeastern part of the Mediterranean coast. Barcelona is one of the country's most popular travel destinations because of its rich history, interesting architecture, and vibrant culture. Barcelona hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic games and that had a strong influence over tourism in the...
  • 123
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • 124
    Bath, United Kingdom
  • 125
    Milan, Italy
  • 126
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Edinburgh Edinburgh
    Edinburgh is the moderately sized capital of Scotland. It is a medieval city that has managed to perfect the combination of Georgian architecture and medieval relics with a cosmopolitan population and avant-garde atmosphere. The city's population is quite young, in large part because of the University of Edinburgh. This youthful vibe gives this city a lot of vitality. There's a thriving nightlife, many restaurants, theatres, galleries and museums. Edinburgh's climate...
  • 127
    Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
  • 128
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • 129
    Rome, Italy
  • Rome The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
    Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. It is also a common entry point for most visitors flying into the country. Rome has been a center of power, culture, and religion for the last millenium, making it one of the most famous and popular destinations in not only Europe, but the world. The influence of the Roman Empire can be seen across continents. Today, the historic city center...
  • 130
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Amsterdam is the capital, and most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. There are over one million residents in the metro area. Amsterdam is most famous for its canals that criss cross across the city, but it also has a rich history, interesting culture, and liberal vibe that appeal to all types of travelers. The architecture, bridges, and cycling culture help this metropolitan area maintain its small town vibe, despite...
  • 131
    Santorini, Greece
  • 132
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 133
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • 134
    Lucerne, Switzerland
  • 135
    Interlaken, Switzerland
  • 136
    London, United Kingdom
  • London Big Ben, London, England
    The capital of the United Kingdom is a thriving multicultural metropolis. Steeped in iconic landmarks, world-class museums and royal parks, London is energetic, majestic, ambitious and one of the world's greatest cities. London is a cultural and fashion capital, a great place to go out, an amazing place to eat and one of those cities that is constantly changing with new and exciting things sprouting up almost every day. History...
  • 137
    Basel, Switzerland
  • 138
    Venice, Italy
  • Venice Venice, Italy
    The canals of Venice are one of the most popular and emulated destinations in the world. In it's hay day, Venice was at the center of politics, exploration, arts and architecture. Today that history is still very much alive and well. The city is unlike any other in the world. The best way to immerse yourself in Venice is to get yourself lost in the alleyways. It's actually quite easy...
  • 139
    Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 140
    Paris, France
  • Paris Paris, France
    Paris is a dream destination for many people. It's location on the river Seine contributes to its stunning beauty and you can spend many days wandering through its wonderfully diverse neighborhoods. It's known as a city of culture, fashion, food and fun. There is never a shortage of entertainment and activities around town and a highlight of many people's trips to Paris is to explore the city at night, when...
  • 141
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Chamonix Mont Blanc, France
    Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (usually shortened to Chamonix) is a resort area near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. At the base of Mont Blanc, the highest summit in the Alps, it's renowned for its skiing. Year-round, cable cars take visitors up to several nearby peaks with panoramic views, including Aiguille du Midi above town, and Pointe Helbronner, across vast glacier fields on the Italian border. Chamonix is one of the oldest...
  • 142
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • 143
    Avignon, France
What are the cheapest cities to visit in Europe?

The most affordable cities for travel in Europe are currently Kiev (Ukraine), Wroclaw (Poland), Gdansk (Poland), Timisoara / Temesvar (Romania), Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), Moscow (Russia), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Krakow (Poland), Telc (Czech Republic), and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Affordable Travel in Europe
Europe's almost unmanageable wealth of attractions and cultural heritage is its biggest single draw. From beautiful Paris, to smoke filled coffeeshops in Amsterdam, to Germany's Oktoberfest, to the beaches of Greece, there is so much to see on this continent. It's home to wonderful beaches, historical architecture, amazing wine, and fabulous people. Every country is incredibly different than the next, as there is a huge diversity of culture, history, gastronomy and natural scenery. Who wouldn't want to snack on pizza in Naples, pain au chocolat in France, souvlaki in Santorini or even haggis in Scotland? Europe also has some of the best nightlife in the world.

If you're looking to find a budget-friendly place to stay in Europe, you're in luck! Accommodation pricing varies but it is relatively easy to find the perfect place to stay, for the right price. The further east you go, the cheaper it gets. Hotels and hostels come with amenities like breakfast, private bathrooms, and WiFi. Finding places to eat within your budget is easier than you think, too. Throughout Western Europe, you can find small shops where you can get quick meals such as sandwiches or slices of pizza for between 4-7 euros. These shops are most often found in train stations, bus stations, and main pedestrian areas. Restaurant meals cost around 13-25 euros for a main dish and drink. Food is much cheaper in the east than in the west. A key part of backpacking Europe is choosing how you're going to travel to your next destination. Transportation around most European cities by local tram, subway, or bus is typically around 2 euros for a one-way ticket. Intercity train prices vary wildly from country to country and depending on whether you take a high-speed train or the slow train, which are a lot cheaper, generally costing about 40-50% the price of high-speed trains. Buses are cheaper than trains. Eurolines, Ecolines and Flixbus are budget-friendly options.

Berlin has been one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe for years, so it has been attracting budget travelers for a long time. Prices are rising but there are plenty of great deals to be found on lodging and food. If you hunt for a cheap place to stay, Barcelona ends up being a fairly good value, by Western Europe standards. Madrid is a ton of fun and easy on the budget as well. Take advantage of free tapas when you purchase alcohol for a cheap meal. Lisbon is a beautiful hilly coastal city famous for its pastel buildings, cafe culture, and Fado music. It's also very friendly on the wallet when compared to other Western European cities. Krakow is cheap: the hostels are cheap but still of great quality, the alcohol is cheap, and the food is cheap. But as more people learn about the amazing town the more prices will rise, so visit sooner than later.

Amsterdam is a world-class city that's become a popular destination for multiple reasons, but cheap prices are not one of them. Brussels is home to the EU parliament and many jet-set business professionals, which means prices are high. Bruges isn't the cheapest place to visit but most travelers spend just a day or two in this fairytale village, so it shouldn't hurt your budget. While Antwerp is best known as the center of the diamond trade, it's actually a hidden gem thanks to its medieval architecture, vibrant nightlife, fashion scene, art and affordable prices, by Western Europe standards. Rome is another city that's on just about every European itinerary. The prices actually aren't too bad considering its popularity. Of course, it's easy to spend a lot if you're not careful but savvy travelers can experience the city without breaking the bank. Everyone needs to see Paris. True, it isn't a cheap place to visit, especially in terms of accomodation, but there are plenty of ways to save. London is going to hurt your budget so you'll have to get creative if you want to experience this city without going broke. However, the government-run museums are both world class and completely free. Copenhagen is beautiful but it certainly isn't cheap, especially alcohol. You can find ways to save but it's going to take some effort. Stockholm is a beautiful city. It is also expensive. As in, it's one of the most expensive cities to visit. If you do go, you may want to keep your trip short if you're on a tight budget

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